DSC00871A few weeks ago I became a student in a local comedy class. It’s always been a terrifying fantasy of mine to try stand-up, and since I’m turning 60 this year I figured now to be as good a time as any to get on it.

We’re now in week #7 of class, with our “Graduation Show” coming up this Saturday. I am prepared and yes, duly terrified.

Early on in the writing of the material to be presented in the final presentation, I’d included a bit about how much I love and appreciate gardening. Aside from the emotional benefits of playing in the dirt and creating beauty, it is truly amazing how much fruit a single tomato or bean seed can yield.

With this thought in mind, I’d written something like,

“It’s so satisfying to toss a few seeds into the dirt and get results months later. I threw a dozen eggs into the garden last fall and I’m really looking forward to having chickens this spring.”

That bit got ditched — I have much better stuff now for the final show! But, an interesting thing happened today.

It was the first day in the garden since last fall. The garden gate had to be pried loose from the ice pack holding it shut, but once I was in, it was heaven.

Steady March sun warmed me and the earth as I worked to clear a place for the peas. (It’s a personal tradition dating back to childhood to plant peas on Good Friday, whenever on the calendar that day might occur.) Even though snow had to be shoved around, green shoots of onion and strawberry were ready to take off their winter coats.

Although this is the 6th year I’ve tilled this particular garden plot, new and foreign “stuff” still shows up in the dirt. Last year I found an intact glass bottle from a well-established local pharmacy, and there’s always more shards and rocks and marbles and nails that have wiggled their way up, around, and about to the surface of the soil.


But lordy, look what I found today! The thing is metal, about 2” high, probably from the 50’s or 60’s given the style of painting:

All I can say is, someone has a sense of humor.


Jeanne Fiorini loves it when nature conspires to amaze and amuse.

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Psychic Molasses

My mom called today from upstate New York, wondering how we were making out with the “blizzard of the decade.”

While it hasn’t yet shifted into high gear, we are having snow here in Portland Maine and much of the normal commerce and activity has ground to a halt in anticipation of the storm.

And so I’m baking.

DSC00814Today it will be French bread, but I was telling my mom how, earlier in the week, my 2-year old granddaughter Vera and I had our first baking experience together.

Vera enjoys a project and really likes to help; last week she “helped” me shovel the driveway, a task she tackled with earnest sincerity.

I’d had a hankering for molasses cookies for weeks. Normally a batch of chocolate chip cookies will soothe my need for a baked good, but not this time; it had to be molasses.

Someone might say that my body was needing the iron which molasses provides. Someone else might say “that’s what happens on cold winter days, you need some home-baked goodness.” But after my conversation with my mom today, it’s clear something else was afoot.

After I relayed to my mom the details of our little baking project this week, and my mom launches into this:

“Well, that’s very interesting that you baked molasses cookies. All week I’ve been thinking about them, and a few nights ago I even had a dream about them. I was at the farmhouse (in upstate NY where my mom grew up) and had baked a batch for (my) Grandmother and (my) Aunt Roseann. They were really good and I (my mom) was remembering how Aunt Marie (my grandmother’s sister) made the best ones, chewy and soft but not under-cooked. As we were eating them we all said, “Aunt Marie would be proud.”

I don’t pretend to know what it means. All I know is that it is very comforting to feel connected to the women in my family by means of a baked good, and to share such a simple pleasure with my own granddaughter.

I”m glad I listened to the voice of intuition. Without it, this whole experience dissipates into molecules of potentiality. But because I did listen and followed the call, a molasses cookie will never again be just a cookie.

It is a bridge, a connection to people unseen and yet heard. It’s love.

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Jeanne Fiorini now has reason to enjoy baked goods even more.

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Being Organized: It’s Not That Simple

She's NEAT Personal OrganizationI’ve been much too busy these past few weeks to post a blog. Sleeping late, eating cookies, and watching pro football has been taking up most of my time and energy. But I did complete a few projects as owner/founder of the new business She’s NEAT, and have a few thoughts to share about that.

Over the last 20-something years as a Tarot reader, we worked alongside the metaphysical maxim that whatever is happening in the inner planes is reflected in the outer planes: that what we believe determines what we experience, and that our thoughts and feelings do not exist only in the intangible float-y places within us but manifest themselves in our physical appearance, the health of our bodies, and our overall sense of safety and security.

Because of the nature of the Tarot reading process, most people would agree that Tarot works “from the inside out.” That is to say, Tarot makes its effects known by making conscious certain experiences and realities, by bringing specific information into our awareness, by putting things in plain sight right out there on the table (pun intended).

To use a metaphor from one of my Tarot video tips, reading the Tarot is like using a straw to draw forth unseen molecules of milk from the bottom of a glass.

Kitchen table:, Voilà, milk!

Tarot table: Voilà, truth!

Whatever you do with that truth is, of course, up to you, but information has nonetheless been provided for your consideration.

Additionally, like a straw resting idly on a table, the Tarot does not do its work in a vacuum. To read Tarot for other people requires “the other” to give permission for the reader to visit their private world, to step into their unseen places and wander ‘round a bit. What an honor and responsibility.

Am I surprised to be observing many of the same dynamics while providing Personal Organization Services through She’s NEAT? Does it startle me to recognize the many ways that the new business is a mirror image of the old? I must admit that it does.

In order for She’s NEAT to “work,” a client gives me permission to visit their home, to “come inside” so to speak; to see their stuff; to observe their messy corners and the places in their life where they are real and imperfect.

Again, an honor and a responsibility. AND an opportunity to change more than one’s physical surroundings. Here it is in a nutshell:She's NEAT mirror http://shesneat.com

The Tarot works from the inside out; She’s NEAT works from the outside in.

One of my first clients said it well when she stated that this work “makes room for what really matters in my life.”

De-cluttering forces us to look at what we’ve allowed to accrue around us. Oftentimes, much of what clogs up our life has not been given direct permission to be there. Busy schedules, old attachments, memories either happy or sad, force of habit, and the power of procrastination fuel the fire. Before we know it we’re knee-deep in “stuff” that no longer serves us in any way whatsoever.

The beauty of de-cluttering is that by taking concrete action to clear one’s physical space, we set the wheels in motion for the inner life to respond in like manner. Clients have reported shifts in their mood, self-esteem, and even in relationships within weeks of taking control of their living environments.

This transformation of the psyche through the mere reorganization of physical space is more amazing to me than the fact that Tarot “works!”

But of course the rearranging of outer environs enables a shift to occur within the inner realms, Newton’s Third Law explains it succinctly: “Every action creates and equal and opposite reaction.”

There you have it. When science and metaphysics concur, truth has been told.

So — take an easy step toward personal growth and fulfillment and de-clutter your life.

I can help with that.


Jeanne Fiorini TarotWorks http://www.tarotworks.comJeanne Fiorini created She’s NEAT with an understanding of 2 simple truths:She's NEAT logo
1. Being organized is not a trait that comes naturally to everyone. 
2. Neat is beautiful.
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“You Read Tarot? But You Look So Normal”

FortuneTeller Jeanne Fiorini Tarot Reader blogI’ll bet this is something other metaphysical authors and practitioners have encountered….the first-time meeting with someone when your “reputation has preceded you” and lo and behold, you turn out to be a normal person.

No high oblong forehead. No pointy ears. No unnatural skin tones. No elongated extremities.

People don’t expect this: they think if you read Tarot for a living or delve into the mysteries of consciousness that you’re probably going to look like a character from a Whitley Strieber novel or have just come directly from the Na’vi screening room.

Or that you’re inaccessible and weird. Or that you don’t have a sense of humor. Sometimes I think I was given a pleasantly-average physical appearance to help make my work as a Tarot reader more palatable.

Another thing I find amusing is how befuddled people can be when they find out that I spend most of my Sunday’s from mid-September until early February watching pro football.

Somehow, attending to metaphysical pursuits AND avidly watching grown men bash into one another are incongruent activities in the mind of some people!

My friend Margo and I, during one of our Sunday afternoon soirées with the New England Patriots, will often laugh out loud when we realize we’ve been chatting about archetypes and symbolism and the significance of the Tarot, happily noshing on our chips and dip, and then are, in the very next moment, hollering obscenities at the screen due to a missed field goal attempt.

Sorry to disappoint, but for the most part Tarot readers and their ilk are just regular folks trying to make sense of this life.

Jeanne Fiorini TarotWorks http://www.tarotworks.com

Yup, pretty normal. Jeanne Fiorini is among those folks just trying to make sense of this life. If you’d like a little clarity and insight along the way, why not contact Jeanne for a Tarot reading? Or give one as a gift this holiday … it’s so corny, but a Tarot reading is a gift that really does keep on giving.

Tales From the Tarot Table: A Fresh Perspective

Secret QWandsI took my own advice about gaining a new perspective, and am happy to report that the tide has definitely shifted.

It’s hard to learn to think differently ’cause you can only think what you think until something comes in to help you think differently. And that “coming in” doesn’t happen easily, especially since the mind is usually about as flexible as a jailhouse door.

But with the help of a friend’s insightful Tarot reading and what I suspect is a simple matter of timing (and perhaps an auspicious alignment of stars and planets), my jailhouse doors are beginning to rattle open.

Shake-ups can be a good thing. Along with the inception of a personal organization business called She’s NEAT,” I’ve decided to more-regularly use those Tarot decks I own but which are rarely brought out for professional readings.

Different Tarot authors/artists interpret the 78 pieces of the Tarot through different lenses, and so the use of a variety of Tarot decks can not only bend the iron bars of the mind, but can offer up some pretty interesting visual cues as well. This is the topic of today’s Tale From The Tarot Table.

NOTE: I’ve produced a YouTube video  (“Love the One You’re With”) demonstrating the importance of paying attention to the Tarot deck in front of you, and of not making the erroneous assumption that card meanings are equivalent across the board.

SecretTarotStrengthSecret Tarot Queen of Swords Tarot cardFor the specific client in question I chose the “Secret Tarot,” published in 2004 by Lo Scarabeo, a kind of European U.S. Games.

My friends and I have perversely nicknamed this deck “The Sex Deck” because many of the images look like they belong on truckers’ mud flaps rather than on esoteric cards displaying the wisdom of the ages (see the Strength card at left). At the same time, the Secret Tarot’s Queen of Swords (right) made it onto my Pinterest board as “The Best Tarot Card of Its Kind.”

For the particular client for whom the Secret Tarot was chosen, there were several unique applications that spoke to us during our session:

1. The Secret Tarot’s Queen of Wands (shown above top) is languidly seated, and depicted in muted colors. This interpretation is a stark contrast to most other Tarot decks where the Queen of Wands is either sitting upright or standing, is draped in brightly colored fabric , and emits a guns-a-blazin’ attitude.  The Secret Tarot’s more-reserved posture here clearly displays the more-effective manner by which to wield personal power at the present time.

Secret Tarot 10Wands2. The 10 of Wands, rather than feeling oppressive, tired, and at the end of one’s rope, shows us another quietly confident woman, this one poised at a gateway that seems to be creaking open. Stately and regal, this 10 of Wands again conveys the notion that relentless self-possession will win the day. Rather than a traditional interpretation of “exhaustion,” this card offers “release” and “possibilities.”

3. The highlight of our session was the appearance of the 6 of Swords. I sincerely doubt that any other version of this card could have been more evocative of our client’s situation. 

About the only thing the Secret Tarot’s 6 of Swords has in common with most other cards at this position in the Tarot is that there is a man and a woman in a boat, a boat that appears to be moving from one shore to another. Most all other details of this card differ from the crowd and were specifically relevant to our querent’s life:Secret 6Swords

While they are in the same boat, the man and the woman in this boat are facing in different directions. In the background we see a grand house, which we are left to assume is their home. The man sits, facing the rear of the boat (i.e. “the past”) and the woman stands at the helm like the Nike of Samothrace, facing the right side of the card (“the future”). Yes, there are six swords in the card, but three of them aim toward the left and three aim toward the right. Unspoken conflict and cross purposes are spelled out at every turn.

A more apt description of this woman’s marriage could not have been spoken.

If we had used a different Tarot deck for the session, we would not have gotten one quarter of the insight and information that came from these few cards.

So remember: At least when it comes to the Tarot, Love The One You’re With!

All card images from the Secret Tarot (c) Lo Scarabeo

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Jeanne Fiorini is available to use whatever Tarot deck you’d like to help you gain clarity, insight, and confidence about what matters most in your life. Visit the TarotWorks site for the holiday gift guide where you can find Gift Certificates and Unique Tarot Goods for your holiday giving.

It’s Me … No, It’s You

Some of life’s great truths are, by their very nature, enigmatic …
simple on the surface but complex underneath …
contradictory …

Here’s one I’ve been mulling over lately.

Life Truth #2849: It’s always about you and it’s never about you.

We all are familiar with, and some of us have probably implemented, the classic break-up line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Whether it’s said to simply to soften the blow and whether or not we know it to be true, it is.

How could it be any different? Whose eyeballs do you look through each and every waking minute? Whose skin have you occupied for as many years as you’ve been on this earth? Whose thought patterns and belief systems have been built up inside you, over your entire existence, to such a degree that you believe them to be who you are?

You are the receptor for all the information that is in the universe. You are the satellite dish for all your experiences. Your physical body is the antenna and the mother board for all that surrounds you. And your mind is the computer program processing it all. To add an extra layer of complexity, much of this happens without your conscious permission or awareness.

Of course it’s about you!

And then there’s the opposite yet also-true side of the story: The Other. So many times lately I’ve observed how a person’s reaction to something (a story, a movie, a comment, an experience) says more about them than about the initiator of or the experience itself.

“She hurt my feelings when she said I looked tired.” Do you have expectations about how you need to look? Is being tired something you don’t allow yourself to feel … or show? Do you think the person was being critical of you when she said that? If so, why is that?

Another: “I caught Richard in a lie.” Are you looking for ways that people lie? Why are you so quick to believe someone is lying? Is telling lies something that is familiar to you? Do you think everyone lies?

Maybe this is why one of The Four Agreements is to not take anything personally.

Our reactions are never really about the experience itself, but our perception of that experience. In some ways we could say this is the simple difference between, “Isn’t wintertime wonderful?” and “Winter sucks.” (Those of us who live in the northeastern US have learned that we can’t take the weather personally.)

But on a deeper level, this is the conundrum with which quantum physics confronts us: the proven truth that the observer creates the reality. Without an observer there is no experience.  As “The Oracle” in The Matrix movies says, “That will really bake your noodle.”

As far as I can tell, there’s no resolving the ambiguity of this truth. This particular human quandary makes it essential that each one of us be responsible for our own *&%# as deliberately and intentionally as possible. We all must try our darndest to be honest, centered, present, and authentic.

And, in this computer’s opinion, that’s a lot.

Jeanne Fiorini is a human program navigating the ropes course of existence. Check out the TarotWorks website for tips on how the Tarot can help guide and support you along your personal trapeze act.

The Tower Card’s “Plus One”

The Tarot’s Tower is a card that needs its “plus one” in order for its full meaning to emerge. As a single card all on its own, this image– no matter how forceful and dynamic — does not provide enough information to complete the sentence.

This card indicates sudden shifts in the status quo, perhaps unforeseen and shocking changes. But when The Tower card appears in a class discussion or in the context of a reading, I’m always going to be asking the question, “What is coming out of the Tower?”

Enter The Tower’s “Plus One.” The information this second card provides will tell us whether the shifting sands are busting us out of prison and lifting us onto a shiny new shore or plunging us into the depths of confusion and despair.

We’ve had to get used to the presence of Tower energy of late. I’m confident that there is not one among us who has not experienced radical changes, complex challenges, and unexpected shifts in life’s landscape during the past year or two.

From what I understand astrologically, November offers us another turn at bat with whatever is yet to be hit from the personal and collective ballpark.

Because I like my astrological forecasts clear and to the point, I’ve been following Carl Boudreau’s videos on YouTube. Invariably his words resound in my ears as I sit with people at the Tarot table, and I find his wise thoughts to be insightful and empowering.

Lucky me, I get to pass along this wisdom to my clients! Lucky clients, too, to benefit from Carl’s understanding of the Big Picture.

As we enter a new month, I’d like to pass along a single tidbit from Carl’s November forecast, a portion of his broadcast that rang through as a clear and present piece of guidance. Here it is, partially quoted directly and also lightly paraphrased:

People are going to be acting on the need for newer levels of personal freedom and self-expression. We’ll be asking for looser interpersonal bonds in order to achieve this different kind of relationship [with friends, lovers, relatives, co-workers]. We must stay away from abstract principles and dogma and instead, work things out afresh, concretely, in the face of new and emerging realities.

Apparently “Gimme Shelter” is out; “Gimme Space” is in.

As I understand it, this isn’t about jettisoning the people in your life and becoming an island unto yourself, but establishing a new sense of personhood, of individual freedom and choice.

No more “shoulds,”  or “need to do thus and so or so and so won’t like me anymore.” Whoa. Did some of you just start skipping around the room, or did you mutter “Oh crap.”

Apparently the Big U thinks we’re grown-up enough to cast off extrinsic behavioral guidelines and set our own parameters.

What do you think?

Jeanne Fiorini is a silly human trying to make sense of this existence. Visit the TarotWorks website to see all the ways the Tarot can help you make some sense of your existence.


Tales From The Table

As promised in an earlier post, when interesting things happen at the Tarot table you’ll be sure to hear about it. Here’s a remarkable set of cards from a reading that occurred this past weekend at a metaphysical fair.

As soon as these particular cards hit the table I had to ask the client to give me a moment to jot down a few thoughts. Sometimes there’s so much information immediately available that you have to sit back and catch your breath.

Our querent had prefaced her session by saying, “I’m really in flux right now.” Her facial expression and body language said it better than did her words. To keep our options open and to get as wide a view on things as possible, we asked the general question:
“What’s really going on [i.e what are the energy patterns currently in play] in my life right now?”  We drew three cards.

8 of Wands         9  of Swords        Fool

The first thought that flew into my head was, “She’s the meat in a Universe sandwich.”

Who/whatever it is that creates such thoughts to form in one’s mind sure has an odd sense of humor.

Let’s the begin with “the bread,” the bookends, the beginning and the end of this reading. Both the 8 of Wands and The Fool are ruled by Uranus, the planet which aids and abets the individual as it transcends the limits/boundaries of cultural expectations and social programming. Both these cards carry the swift energy of change along an unfamiliar route. Scary perhaps, but certainly not limited or restricted in any way, shape, or form.

As for “the meat,” the one caught in the middle, the thing that is being carried away by this current of change: 9 of Swords. The frantic, overwhelmed, ego-centric thinking mind that cannot figure this out even though, it seems, life itself depends on such clarity.

Whereas the Uranian cards are rushing toward the unseen future, the personality is playing catch-up by trying to decipher the process. The 8 of Wands and The Fool are moving to transcend the personality, while the personality is grasping for any and all rational thoughts, no matter how tenuous, to serve as a lifeline. It aint’ working.

Since the non-personal forces are currently having their way with her, the only effective query we can address is, “What can help me ride the wave? What can help me relax into this process? What can guide me through this tunnel which will eventually open into an unknown landscape?”

The querent draws the 10 of cups.

This card shows there to be a strong emotional network around her, that she can count on kind and loving support from family and friends. “I’ve had trouble accessing this because I’ve been so anxious about the state of my life,” she admits. The Tarot equivalent of such a statement is the 10 of cups crossed by (that is to say, “sat on”) by the 9 of Swords.

We need to find a way to reverse these two positions so that the 10 of Cups  occludes the 9 of Swords, and not the other way around as it has been; that situation has created a no-win situation for this querent.

We can’t pretend that the querent can move through this phase without anxiety, without stress, or without slamming into walls of self-doubt and fear. But these worries don’t have to run the show. “Let others support you. Let yourself have some fun every once in a while. Remember that people care about you.” This is the message of the 10 of Cups.

Somewhere in another dimension, or in a galaxy far, far away, beings are observing all this and saying, “Silly humans. They make it all so hard on themselves.”

Jeanne Fiorini is a silly human trying to make sense of it all. Jeanne is an established Tarot reader, teacher, and author with over 20 year’s experience with the Tarot and the symbols of archetypal psychology. Visit the TarotWorks home site to learn more about Jeanne and the Tarot Work.

Card images from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, (c) US Games Systems, Inc.

King For A Day

Turn-about is fair play, right?

Although we need to address them by their title and use the proper pronouns when speaking of them, the Tarot’s Kings are not about gender, but attitude. And no matter what your gender, you’ve got to admit that it’s good to be the King.

As we saw with the Tarot’s Queens, it’s also true that sometimes the Kings represent us and the energy we’re holding, sometimes they represent other people and their modus operandi, and sometimes they represent non-actualized aspects which are calling out for attention.

Given all the variables, it helps to have a really good handle on the particular vibe that each one of the Personality Cards carries. Here’s a little synopsis for each of the Kings, and then the challenge for you!

King of Wands:
The Leader
He’s the first guy to leap off the cliff, to run toward a challenge instead of away from it, to meet obstacles with boundless courage and a thumbed nose. Daring, confident, driven, and visionary, this King is creative about life and all of its possibilities; no innovative thought or concept is beyond his capacity to envision or embody. But like the bright sun burning too hotly, his arrogance, abrasiveness, and reckless abandon can, at times, make him dangerous to be around.

King of Pentacles: The Businessman
This guy knows how to work the physical plane. He understands the mechanics of business, how to make money, how things fit together to create the finely tuned engine of success. Serious, traditionally minded, and ambitious, he does not pass up an opportunity to build something that will be here long after he’s gone. Not a big fan of spontaneity or a radical new idea, but if you’re looking for tried and true knowledge about how to build a building, a business, or a career in the “real world,” he’s your man.

King of Swords: The Enforcer
This is the embodiment of the attorney, the accountant, and the police officer. This King lives his life through – and finds his comfort in – rationale and objective truths. There is no gray area with the law, the balance sheet, or the speed limit, and this suits him just fine. He is authoritative because he’s backed up by facts, he’s in charge because he knows the rules of the game, and when “right makes might” he’s unstoppably powerful.  When out of balance he can be unyielding, tyrannical, and unsympathetic.

King of Cups: The Controller
“Control” isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s a tricky thing. This King thrives on relationship with others and yet tends to become unmercifully entangled in and by them. At his best, this King is the always-loving, ever present, kind-hearted, most empathetic best friend or partner or boss or parent you’d ever want. But when he doesn’t know when to quit, he can turn into the most manipulative, complicated, co-dependent, and snidely friend or partner or boss or parent you could ever imagine.

Now for the challenge:
Take a look at that list and make note of which King speaks most loudly to you; which one really resonates with you; which one would be very useful in your life right now; which one is calling out for attention. Pick a day sometime within the next 5 days, and make an effort to embody that particular King for the entire day.

How does this King dress? How does he speak? How does he move through the day? What are his priorities? How does he spend his free time? Who are his allies? Who is not going to appreciate his attitude? How does “being him” change your day?

Bring out the qualities, attitude, approach, and energy of this King. Really become him. Also keep in mind his negative aspects as you’re embodying your King of choice, since they too are part of the package!

Just one day. Try it, and remember that it’s good to be King.


Visit the TarotWorks website and learn how you can embody your best Self through the Tarot: Readings*Classes*Videos*Webinars
Card Image of the King of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck


Queen For A Day

Although we need to address them by their title and use the proper pronouns when speaking of them, the Tarot’s Queens are not about gender, but attitude. And no matter what your gender, you’ve got to admit that it’s good to be the Queen.

In truth, none of the Tarot’s Personality Cards, aka “Court Cards,” are gender-specific, or age-specific for that matter. It’s because of this fact that these 16 cards (The Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) are the most troublesome section of the Tarot deck.

It’s also true that sometimes these cards represent ourself and the energy we’re holding, sometimes they represent other people and their modus operandi, and sometimes they represent non-actualized aspects which are calling out for attention. It’s no wonder the appearance of a Court Card can throw a reader for a loop!

Given all these variables, it helps to have a really good handle on the particular vibe that each one of the Personality Cards carries. Here’s a little synopsis for each of the Queens, and then a challenge for you!

Queen of Wands: The Heroine
This is the Queen of creativity and personal power.  She’s magnetic, extroverted, capable, dynamic, and driven.  She enjoys a challenge and knows how to manage people and situations with finesse and ease.  Give her a stage and she shines like the sun; people are naturally attracted to her. She is the center of her own universe, ebullient, optimistic, and easy-going. When in her negative state she can be over-bearing, rude, pushy, and overconfident.

Queen of Pentacles: The Nurturer
Whether she’s nurturing a garden, a family, or her multi-national corporation, the Queen of Pentacles enjoys the tangible value of stability, security, and the forces of the natural world. She’s comfortable in her body and enjoys taking care of the physical needs of herself and those around her. She appreciates good food, nice clothes, and pretty things. Change upsets her and she’s not the first person to come up with a radical new idea, but if you’re looking for a reliable friend and a calming presence, she’s your girl.

Queen of Swords: The Advocate
This Queen lives her life around principles and ideals. Her thoughts are her fortress and she’d rather stick with them than with those people who might disagree – or heaven forbid – be ignorant.  She does not compromise her position nor does she suffer fools.  She’s independent, authoritative, often intelligent, and always assertive.  She knows her own mind and relies on her personal sense of truth to pave the way. When out of balance she can be cutting, irrational, and insensitive.   

Queen of Cups: The Feeler
It’s all about feelings for the Queen of Cups.  What she wants (which is, to her, the same as what she needs), who she’s connected to, what her intuition tells her, these are the things that determine her mood for the day.  Still waters can run deep, but emotions are clearly visible and there’s no hiding how she truly feels about anything.  Loving, compassionate, intense, and insightful, she can become so immersed in her inner life that she becomes unreasonable and perhaps even unreachable.

Now for the challenge:
Take a look at that list and make note of which Queen speaks most loudly to you; which one really resonates with you; which one would be very useful in your life right now; which one is calling out for attention. Pick a day sometime within the next 5 days, and make an effort to embody that particular Queen for the entire day.

What does this Queen wear? How does she speak? How does she move through her day? What are her priorities? How does she spend her free time? Who are her allies? Who is not going to appreciate her attitude? How does “being her” change your day?

Bring out the qualities, attitude, approach, and energy of this Queen.  Really become her. Also keep in mind her negative aspects as you’re embodying your Queen of choice, since they too are part of the package!

Just one day. Try it, and remember that it’s good to be Queen.

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Card Image of the Queen of Wands from Kat Black’s Golden Tarot

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