Queen For A Day

Although we need to address them by their title and use the proper pronouns when speaking of them, the Tarot’s Queens are not about gender, but attitude. And no matter what your gender, you’ve got to admit that it’s good to be the Queen.

In truth, none of the Tarot’s Personality Cards, aka “Court Cards,” are gender-specific, or age-specific for that matter. It’s because of this fact that these 16 cards (The Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) are the most troublesome section of the Tarot deck.

It’s also true that sometimes these cards represent ourself and the energy we’re holding, sometimes they represent other people and their modus operandi, and sometimes they represent non-actualized aspects which are calling out for attention. It’s no wonder the appearance of a Court Card can throw a reader for a loop!

Given all these variables, it helps to have a really good handle on the particular vibe that each one of the Personality Cards carries. Here’s a little synopsis for each of the Queens, and then a challenge for you!

Queen of Wands: The Heroine
This is the Queen of creativity and personal power.  She’s magnetic, extroverted, capable, dynamic, and driven.  She enjoys a challenge and knows how to manage people and situations with finesse and ease.  Give her a stage and she shines like the sun; people are naturally attracted to her. She is the center of her own universe, ebullient, optimistic, and easy-going. When in her negative state she can be over-bearing, rude, pushy, and overconfident.

Queen of Pentacles: The Nurturer
Whether she’s nurturing a garden, a family, or her multi-national corporation, the Queen of Pentacles enjoys the tangible value of stability, security, and the forces of the natural world. She’s comfortable in her body and enjoys taking care of the physical needs of herself and those around her. She appreciates good food, nice clothes, and pretty things. Change upsets her and she’s not the first person to come up with a radical new idea, but if you’re looking for a reliable friend and a calming presence, she’s your girl.

Queen of Swords: The Advocate
This Queen lives her life around principles and ideals. Her thoughts are her fortress and she’d rather stick with them than with those people who might disagree – or heaven forbid – be ignorant.  She does not compromise her position nor does she suffer fools.  She’s independent, authoritative, often intelligent, and always assertive.  She knows her own mind and relies on her personal sense of truth to pave the way. When out of balance she can be cutting, irrational, and insensitive.   

Queen of Cups: The Feeler
It’s all about feelings for the Queen of Cups.  What she wants (which is, to her, the same as what she needs), who she’s connected to, what her intuition tells her, these are the things that determine her mood for the day.  Still waters can run deep, but emotions are clearly visible and there’s no hiding how she truly feels about anything.  Loving, compassionate, intense, and insightful, she can become so immersed in her inner life that she becomes unreasonable and perhaps even unreachable.

Now for the challenge:
Take a look at that list and make note of which Queen speaks most loudly to you; which one really resonates with you; which one would be very useful in your life right now; which one is calling out for attention. Pick a day sometime within the next 5 days, and make an effort to embody that particular Queen for the entire day.

What does this Queen wear? How does she speak? How does she move through her day? What are her priorities? How does she spend her free time? Who are her allies? Who is not going to appreciate her attitude? How does “being her” change your day?

Bring out the qualities, attitude, approach, and energy of this Queen.  Really become her. Also keep in mind her negative aspects as you’re embodying your Queen of choice, since they too are part of the package!

Just one day. Try it, and remember that it’s good to be Queen.

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Card Image of the Queen of Wands from Kat Black’s Golden Tarot


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  1. Josephine Mori said,

    September 21, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Off with almost everybody’s head. Heart. Smileyface. Daffodil.

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