King For A Day

Turn-about is fair play, right?

Although we need to address them by their title and use the proper pronouns when speaking of them, the Tarot’s Kings are not about gender, but attitude. And no matter what your gender, you’ve got to admit that it’s good to be the King.

As we saw with the Tarot’s Queens, it’s also true that sometimes the Kings represent us and the energy we’re holding, sometimes they represent other people and their modus operandi, and sometimes they represent non-actualized aspects which are calling out for attention.

Given all the variables, it helps to have a really good handle on the particular vibe that each one of the Personality Cards carries. Here’s a little synopsis for each of the Kings, and then the challenge for you!

King of Wands:
The Leader
He’s the first guy to leap off the cliff, to run toward a challenge instead of away from it, to meet obstacles with boundless courage and a thumbed nose. Daring, confident, driven, and visionary, this King is creative about life and all of its possibilities; no innovative thought or concept is beyond his capacity to envision or embody. But like the bright sun burning too hotly, his arrogance, abrasiveness, and reckless abandon can, at times, make him dangerous to be around.

King of Pentacles: The Businessman
This guy knows how to work the physical plane. He understands the mechanics of business, how to make money, how things fit together to create the finely tuned engine of success. Serious, traditionally minded, and ambitious, he does not pass up an opportunity to build something that will be here long after he’s gone. Not a big fan of spontaneity or a radical new idea, but if you’re looking for tried and true knowledge about how to build a building, a business, or a career in the “real world,” he’s your man.

King of Swords: The Enforcer
This is the embodiment of the attorney, the accountant, and the police officer. This King lives his life through – and finds his comfort in – rationale and objective truths. There is no gray area with the law, the balance sheet, or the speed limit, and this suits him just fine. He is authoritative because he’s backed up by facts, he’s in charge because he knows the rules of the game, and when “right makes might” he’s unstoppably powerful.  When out of balance he can be unyielding, tyrannical, and unsympathetic.

King of Cups: The Controller
“Control” isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s a tricky thing. This King thrives on relationship with others and yet tends to become unmercifully entangled in and by them. At his best, this King is the always-loving, ever present, kind-hearted, most empathetic best friend or partner or boss or parent you’d ever want. But when he doesn’t know when to quit, he can turn into the most manipulative, complicated, co-dependent, and snidely friend or partner or boss or parent you could ever imagine.

Now for the challenge:
Take a look at that list and make note of which King speaks most loudly to you; which one really resonates with you; which one would be very useful in your life right now; which one is calling out for attention. Pick a day sometime within the next 5 days, and make an effort to embody that particular King for the entire day.

How does this King dress? How does he speak? How does he move through the day? What are his priorities? How does he spend his free time? Who are his allies? Who is not going to appreciate his attitude? How does “being him” change your day?

Bring out the qualities, attitude, approach, and energy of this King. Really become him. Also keep in mind his negative aspects as you’re embodying your King of choice, since they too are part of the package!

Just one day. Try it, and remember that it’s good to be King.


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Card Image of the King of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck




  1. Josephine Mori said,

    September 27, 2012 at 10:57 AM

    Blew my socks off. Thank you, Jeanne.

  2. September 27, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Oh my, thank you. Had to give the guys equal time.

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