Tales From The Tarot Table: So Many Assumptions, So Little Time

TarotWorks Tales From The Table http://www.tarotworks.comIt’s been a while since I posted a “Tale From The Tarot.” Not that nothing interesting has happened at the Tarot table, but more that nothing has stood out as an opportunity to make a point.

Something happened in a reading today, though, that brought to the fore a subtle but persistent fact that we all deal with: we humans are prone to making assumptions.

From our early days as children we’re forced to confront — and then adjust — our assumptions about what is natural and true: that the world will always be kind (or cruel); that because mom and dad tell the truth that everyone else does too; that the world is only as large as our personal experience of it.

Today at the Tarot table we confronted the assumption that people will have a similar and shared reaction to a shared experience. This is a particularly painful assumption to withdraw when one’s “experience” involves a relationship.

Today’s line of questioning involved a conversation between the client and her boyfriend. When our client had expressed a desire to see their relationship grow into a larger commitment, he’d stated rather bluntly that, while he enjoyed her company and their time spent together, he wasn’t in love with her and didn’t know if he ever would be.

This came as a surprise to our client, not only this matter-of-fact communication of his non-feelings but the fact that after the pronouncement they spent another four hours together and had quite a lovely time … as if nothing at all distressing had happened.

Not surprisingly, our client was confused. How could words that had hit her so hard make no difference to the tenor of their day (friendly and sociable as always) or to her boyfriend’s mood and attitude toward her? We drew two cards to help clarify the effects that their awkward conversation might have had on him:

 Four of Swords                                  Hermit4 Swords Hermit2

These cards exude a solid, calm, unruffled presence. No change of heart or shift in perception registers on these monochromatic cards.

Whereas our client’s experience of their relationship had gone from multi-colored to gray, her boyfriend’s experience had not changed one iota. His experience of their relationship was the same before, during, and after their talk. The whole exchange was simply an expression of a truth that had left no skid marks on his emotional landscape.

Another assumption bites the dust.

Telling it like it is, that’s the name of the game with the Tarot. Even if you don’t leave the session with the news you wanted to hear, at least you’ll be armed with some truth and clarity.

Jeanne Fiorini TarotWorks http://www.tarotworks.com


 Jeanne Fiorini is available for phone and Skype readings that will bring you truth and clarity and perhaps even a bit of good news! Check it all out at Jeanne’s TarotWorks site: http://www.tarotworks.com

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  1. Josephine Mori said,

    July 10, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    Yup. And then some. Great insight as always, Jeanne. If your client has any lingering uncertainties about this particular relationship, may I recommend: http://www.amazon.com/Hes-Just-That-Into-Understanding/dp/0743578171

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