“You Read Tarot? But You Look So Normal”

FortuneTeller Jeanne Fiorini Tarot Reader blogI’ll bet this is something other metaphysical authors and practitioners have encountered….the first-time meeting with someone when your “reputation has preceded you” and lo and behold, you turn out to be a normal person.

No high oblong forehead. No pointy ears. No unnatural skin tones. No elongated extremities.

People don’t expect this: they think if you read Tarot for a living or delve into the mysteries of consciousness that you’re probably going to look like a character from a Whitley Strieber novel or have just come directly from the Na’vi screening room.

Or that you’re inaccessible and weird. Or that you don’t have a sense of humor. Sometimes I think I was given a pleasantly-average physical appearance to help make my work as a Tarot reader more palatable.

Another thing I find amusing is how befuddled people can be when they find out that I spend most of my Sunday’s from mid-September until early February watching pro football.

Somehow, attending to metaphysical pursuits AND avidly watching grown men bash into one another are incongruent activities in the mind of some people!

My friend Margo and I, during one of our Sunday afternoon soirées with the New England Patriots, will often laugh out loud when we realize we’ve been chatting about archetypes and symbolism and the significance of the Tarot, happily noshing on our chips and dip, and then are, in the very next moment, hollering obscenities at the screen due to a missed field goal attempt.

Sorry to disappoint, but for the most part Tarot readers and their ilk are just regular folks trying to make sense of this life.

Jeanne Fiorini TarotWorks http://www.tarotworks.com

Yup, pretty normal. Jeanne Fiorini is among those folks just trying to make sense of this life. If you’d like a little clarity and insight along the way, why not contact Jeanne for a Tarot reading? Or give one as a gift this holiday … it’s so corny, but a Tarot reading is a gift that really does keep on giving.


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  1. December 19, 2012 at 7:52 PM

    “metaphysical pursuits AND avidly watching grown men bash into one another are incongruent activities in the mind of some people”. Completely congruous in my mind, Jeanne. No problemo.

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