Yard Sale Documentation Project 4-28-12

Here’s a photo of what we got at yard sales today:

lots of fresh air.

As I’m writing this entry, the time is 10:35am on Saturday morning…. not a good sign on the yard sale front. Last weekend was pretty bleak, but today was worse. Not because there wasn’t any action out there, but because although the ads were enticing, between the three of us all we bought was a couple of cookies from a kid having a bake sale.

You could have called this outing “fooled ya’.” Some of the prime real estate for great sales was in the mix today, but the pickin’s were slimmer than slim. In an extended search, we even crossed the bridge into Portland proper where a West End neighborhood (more prime real estate) was hosting a sale; then on into Scarborough and looped back  around into South Portland by a different route in desperate hope for a sign (literally) and a good-looking pile of stuff.

I’m not sure which was more desperate, our attitude about unearthing some treasures or the dregs that sat out on people’s lawns.

Oh well. We gave it the good college try, and since it’s early in the season no one is getting too twisted up about the 2-hour drive around the greater Portland area. However, I may have to hit the Goodwill store later today just to get my bargain fix.


Happy Anniversary to “Tarot Tips”

Today is the first anniversary of the TarotWorks “Tarot Tips” video series on YouTube! 

In the past year, there have been 37 “Tarot Tips,” 6866 views, and 127 subscribers from all parts of the world. I had no real expectations when this project began — but if I had, they would have been surpassed.

It’s weird how comfortable I’ve become getting all glammed up in order to talk into a camera on a tripod with no other living person within 200 feet. It’s amazing to know that what is created in my dining room in South Portland, Maine can be seen by people in the farthest reaches of the planet.  It’s wonderful to hear comments from subscribers about how they’ve been able to integrate the ideas and methods into their practice and study of the Tarot.

To commemorate this first anniversary, I’m offering a FREE  15-minute phone reading to the FIRST person to answer this question correctly:

I was going to draw a card at random from the deck and open the quiz to whomever guessed which card had been drawn. However, as I was shuffling, there was “a leaper” that jumped from the pile. So the question then becomes, “What was the card that leapt from the deck as I was shuffling for this anniversary quiz?”

The first person to post the correct answer on the TarotWorks Facebook page will win a FREE 15-minute phone session.

Good luck!
And a heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who subscribes and/or views the Tarot Tips!!

FYI, here’s the link to the latest Tarot Tip.

Yard Sale Documentation Project: 4-21-12

Today is not going to set any records in the annals of yard sale history. Although the predicted-rain held off until much later in the day, this was a day where we all might have been better off sleeping in.

Today we had some guest salers with us, one of my daughter’s friends from high school and her sister. Kathy was searching for baby items for her June arrival, and her sister was looking to decorate her new office. Sadly, the only one who got anything today was Vera, and she didn’t even bother to make the trip. (She’s only 18 months old so I’ll cut her some slack.)

The photo at the top of this article is the sight that sends a yard saler’s heart into a twitter: THE PILE; the mound of possessions on someone’s property just waiting to be plucked. Such potential … which on this day was unrealized.

You’ll be seeing many photos of yard sale signage over the course of this season’s blog. Having a good sign for your sale is like having a smile on your face when you’re on a first date.

I wish I had taken a picture of the meager attempt to draw customers into one of the better-off neighborhoods, a pathetic 8” x 10” brown cardboard sign with black lettering on a 1’ stake on the opposite side of the road from where we needed to turn. COME ON people, give us something to work with here!

And then there’s this:

No address to locate, no arrow to point the way, no Pile in sight. No help at all.

Today’s doldrums did, however, spurn the clarification of the categories for which we will be casting votes during the current season. Here they are:

  • Best Dang Yard Sale of the Season
  • Best Over-All Day of the Season (Last year this was the day Kate’s college friend Whitney from Connecticut was with us…hope she doesn’t expect a repeat performance as a matter of course. Seriously — we needed two cars to cart home all the stuff we’d bought that day.)
  • Worst Excuse For a Yard Sale
  • Biggest Price Delusions of the Season
  • Best Signage of the Season
  • Most Fab Sighting of the Season (Refer back to the 2011 sighting of a woman mowing her lawn at 8:30am while sporting hair rollers and a nightie.)

So while it wasn’t that great of a sale day out there this morning, it’s always good to spend a few hours with my daughter and get an early start to the day.

For the record, here’s what I picked up for Vera: some Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle boards and a new book. Total cost $1.25.

The Personality Card Class is Up!

The latest addition to the TarotWorks Online Classroom has arrived:

The People Cards — they can be so confusing!
This 70-minute class is a complete and concise overview of the 16 Court/Personality Cards, what/whom they represent, their astrological associations, and their role in the Tarot deck.

If there’s any single section of the Tarot that befuddles and bewilders students of the Tarot, it’s the Personality Cards.

Be befuddled no more!

Here’s the link … click … check it out.

Two Houses Under One Roof

This is a picture of my house.  I love my house. I like to think of it as “The House That Tarot Built,” but that’s not really true; it’s more a case of “the house that 20 years of equity in other houses built,” but that’s not the point.

The point is, when I moved into this house almost 6 years ago, it was a statement of becoming more visible, of having a larger presence in my community, of being willing to say, “I’m here, I ‘m a Tarot reader, we all need to get used to it.”

Most of the readings that I do and the classes I teach happen here at this house. Currently there’s a “Tarot Reader’s Practice Group” convening here on Thursday evenings, a group which is often divided up into pairs to work on specific methods or layouts, or to practice an exercise that has been set forth for them to test drive.

To keep the “teacher vibe” out of the room, I often go upstairs and sit at the computer for a moment or just putter around up there , giving the students some physical and energetic space in which to practice their  skills. From that perch I can hear the hum of conversation and the buzz of their attention as they work on their assignment.

What a pleasure it is to listen as that and the occasional uproarious laughter fills the rooms. It makes me and the house feel all warm and happy, even when at the end of the evening they each get into their cars and drive off to their respective homes. This house is more than a home, it’s a classroom, a gathering place, a place for learning and sharing.

We Mainers had a very warm spell back in March, as did many folks around the country. During the middle of that month, in the early part of the mornings, I would hear a rhythmic and persistent pecking on the second-story west-facing side of the house. Looking out I could see that it was chickadees who were making the ruckus. Since the house is sided in shingles, I figured the birds were seeking out a breakfast of bugs or small insects of some sort.

My granddaughter and I would watch them flit around the window as they regularly and earnestly returned to that specific part of the house’s exterior. “The eating must be pretty good here at Jeanne’s Bug Café,” I’d say to Vera.

This activity went on for about a month, until this week when it stopped. Suddenly my morning wasn’t being punctuated by the rapping on the side wall as I’d become so accustomed to hearing. So I wrenched myself out from the bathroom window and peered back around to see what there was to see, to understand why the pecking had stopped, to learn what all the fuss had been about.

As you can see, the birds weren’t into breakfast, but had  in mind something of a much greater design.

Looks like I’m going to be a grammie again! And now there will be two families living under this one roof.

My older brother would have a fit about this, sure to tell me all about how detrimental such a thing is the to integrity of the house construction. He’s probably right, but I’ll let the chickadees have their babies and then clear up the space once they’ve left. I’m happy to share the warmth and comfort of my home and am honored that they chose the South Portland Tarot Palace as the place to introduce their little ones to this world.

Addendum: This from a reliable source: Incubation lasts 12-13 days. It usually begins the day before the female lays the last egg, so that all eggs will hatch within 24 hours of each other. I’ll keep you posted.


“Tarot Essentials” Beginner’s Class Now Available

You knew it had to happen eventually. First she’s blogging, then she’s Tweeting, every time you turn around she’s got another article for you to read. What’s next, you ask?

Recorded Tarot classes.  Yup.  Available now on the Products page of the (newly designed) TarotWorks website. Easy, bite-size bits of Tarot wisdom ready for the pickin’.

Within a few months I’ll have all the sessions recorded and you’ll have everything you need in order to build an effective working relationship with your cards without ever leaving the house…. or even without getting out of your jammies if that’s your preference.

As of today, the Tarot Essentials is the first class posted and ready to go; the Personality Cards class should be up in about a week. By the summer solstice they’ll all be there at your disposal, ready whenever you are.

Whether you’re new to the Tarot or just in need of a brush-up on your basics, the Tarot Essentials class is a great place to start.

Check it out, pass it on, and Happy Tarot-ing!

Fool card from the Keen Tarot

Tuesday’s Tiny Tarot Class

It’s Tuesday, and that makes it time for Tuesday’s Tiny Tarot Class. Here is today’s calisthenics for the Tarotly inclined:

The Tarot “works” because it can depict any situation we may ever encounter through a single card or a certain combination of a few cards. One of my favorite — and extremely simple — ways to work with cards is to use them to help me understand people, myself included. Questions here might be:

— Why did my sister have such a strong reaction to my comment about her husband?

—   What kind of vibe can I expect from my boss today?

— When I meet my friend for lunch today, what might be my most favorable approach to our conversation?

— What kind of energy helps me when I”m dealing with my father-in-law?

— What does my daughter most need from me at this time?

Get the picture? You don’t need a lot of cards to get useful information from the Tarot.

So todays’ question is:: What would it be like to work for a boss who has the personality/energy/vibe depicted by this combination:

2 of Pentacles/Queen of Swords

Remember: There are no right/wrong answers here, just ideas, interpretations, and hits. What do YOU think this experience would be like?
Go to the TarotWorks Facebook page to post your thoughts!

Yard Sale Documentation Project: 4-14-12

In case you missed it, I’ve taken on the documentation of my Saturday morning adventures in yard sale-ing, since Oprah never did call (what, she’s got better things to do– like build orphanages?) and Nate Berkus has not yet returned my calls. (You can visit the first post of this yard sale season if you like by clicking here.)

Today was a pretty good day for this early in the season.  The smell of bargains rode the air as it wafted into my bedroom; that plus it being a bright, sunny morning made it pretty easy to get out of bed. By 7:55am I was in the car.

The first stop was promising: some antique-y stuff, a real nice homemade king size quilt (asking price $7), lots of brand new replacement windows that apparently had never found homes. I left with a holiday candle holder and a new set of measuring cups: total investment 75 cents. (At this point I can’t just buy something because I like it and it’s cheap; I need to be able to use it, have a place for it, and not be envisioning it at MY next yard sale.)

It happens throughout the entire yard sale season, but today I saw the effects of rookie mistakes made by some folks new to the yard sale game, people who thought this was a civilized party. Which it is, but you have to know a few rules:

1. Don’t hang out your signs 2 days in advance if you really don’t want people showing up at your door at 7:00am, no matter what time you’ve invited them to rummage through your stuff. They really don’t care about your schedule and they will hunt you down. (I am not an “early bird,” but we all have to learn how to cope with this phenomenon.)

2. Don’t put something in a sale if you’re emotionally attached to said item. You won’t get enough for it and you will dislike the person who stole it from you. This happened with the pretty lavender shawl in the photo: she (rookie) didn’t understand that the cash I offered her was not what I considered to be the worth of the item, but rather what I was willing to pay. I washed the thing as soon as I got it home just to cleanse away that bad vibe.

Anyhoo, … I’ve mentioned that the Saturday morning scene is filled with “regulars” (I am one of those).  Here’s Jack, a guy who’s out there as often as any one of us. He’s always got a smile and something nice to say to the ladies, and a bawdy joke for the men. (Unless you really want to know, don’t ask him how middle-aged men get their bald heads.) We swap stories of good finds, which of the daily sales are treasure troves and which ones are best left unattended, and generally make sure that if there’s a good deal happening that the other one knows about it. Thanks, Jack, for letting me include you in this little project!

So by the end of the day, I had a (newly-washed) lavender shawl, a holiday votive, some new measuring cups, a little purse/bag that is much cuter than it appears in the photo, a beautiful hammered metal bracelet, two kilim pillows and two bolster pillows in crushed green velour from Ikea. Total cost= $11.75.



American Tarot Association Article for April

Here’s the link to my April article for the American Tarot Association: click here.
This experience is a wonderful example of the power of Tarot, the amazing ways that words and actions have unseen effects, and how important it is to speak truthfully and honestly no matter what the client’s question, because you never know how your reply will echo in later days. I’m honored to have been a part of this experience and thank the client for her willingness to share our mutual little miracle.

Another Person’s Leap of Faith

This came across my desk this morning, in a newsletter from Deb Bergeron, who is a well-established life coach living and working in southern Maine. What you’ll read below is such a wonderful synopsis of what is needed – and what to do – in order to make a few dreams come true.  I’m reprinting a portion of her wisdom here, taking no credit for anything other than cutting and pasting text to send along to you:


… So please remember, no matter where you are in your transformative journey, I have been in your shoes. I have been in that place not quite somewhere and not quite everywhere, between quicksand and moonbeams, immobilization and rocket launch.

To celebrate this Anniversary, I am honored to share nine contributing factors and questions that helped propel me then, and continue to help me today, as like you, I am always growing and learning. Hopefully, they will inspire all of you to, “Look before you Leap”, but Leap none-the-less.

1) Choices! I told myself I didn’t have any. Does this sound familiar?  

 2) Courage! I was afraid to make changes. What lurks in your “unknown”?  

3) Cost! What was it going to cost me to stay where I was? What are your  Personal Expenses?  

4) Intuition! That little voice was screaming out and I had to pay attention. Do you have the sound turned down?  

5) Risk! Stepping out of the “comfort” zone reduced my safety factor. Are you afraid there’s no life boat should you make the plunge?  

6) Knowing my Strengths! I knew what I was good at and what my gifts were. Are you ready to recognize and celebrate yours?  

7) Fear! As doubt crept in I questioned my choices and intuition. What hurdles does fear set up in your path?  

8) Now! Through visualization, getting quiet, and journaling I grounded myself to pay attention to the moment. What tools do you use to leave the past behind?  

9) Willingness! I was ready to fax that letter of resignation. This Call to Action…this Doing was the accumulation of all of the above. Where’s your willingness level to make the Leap?  

Happy Spring to Action to All of You!

With love and gratitude, Deb

Here’s how to contact Deb and her business Ocean of Possibilites:
Deb Bergeron, CPCC, ACC – Personal Professional Life Coach

P.O. Box 15234, Portland, Maine 04112 –
Phone: 207-797-9007

Email: debcoaches@aol.com

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