Four Essential Tips for Studying Tarot

Whether you’re a novice or intermediate student of the Tarot, chances are you could use some practical guidance about how to get the most out of this amazing system of symbols.

We all have to get used to the fact that, when it comes to the Tarot, there will always be something new to learn, consider, integrate, and be intrigued by. But here are four things that can help make your Tarot journey a little simpler, more effective, and more enjoyable.

1. Find a deck that suits your sensibilities.

It’s hard to have fun at a party if you’re in an uncomfortable outfit. Same holds true of your Tarot deck: you’re not going to have a mental/spiritual/emotional connection with a deck that feels awkward in your hands, or that doesn’t please you esthetically, or whose world view doesn’t reflect your values. Take the time to find a deck that suits you.

2. Keep a journal.

This will help with what I call “the ongoing science experiment that is the Tarot.” Keep track of the questions asked, the cards drawn, and your interpretations, both the rational and the intuitive ones. You will see patterns, you will see consistencies, and you will see our own working relationship with the cards develop.

3. Be willing to take risks with intuition.

It’s OK if you miss a few fast balls, but keep swinging. Some of the best conversations at the Tarot table happen when a flash of insight is followed to its point of motivation. “Why am I thinking of dirty dishes while we’re having this reading?” “What do apple trees have to do with your relationship with your mother?” “Why does my stomach get all tight when we talk  about your work?” These are the whispers of the intuitive voice … give them a chance to be heard.

4. Get clear about why you’re at the Tarot table in the first place.

Figure out your WHY. Why am I using the Tarot? What do I hope to get from this? What is the goal? What aspects of myself/spirit/inner wisdom/higher powers am I seeking? What’s the point? Answering these questions to yourself will help keep a clear head while all the other mysteries and complexities of the Tarot unfold around you.

OK, got it?

Now go and be fabulous!

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Yard Sale Documentation Project 8-25-12


11:45 AM Saturday Morning

I can’t believe I’m still standing … and am awake … and have energy.

It’s nearly noon, and straggler salers are filtering in even though the morning’s high tide has come and gone. I’m feeling like I could probably hang around out here ’til mid-afternoon, but maybe that’s the coffee talking.

Hey — did you know that it’s pitch black out at 5am in late August? When the alarm went off this morning I called the Time and Temperature lady just to make sure my clock wasn’t on the fritz. I’d expected there to be at least a hint of daylight … but no.

As I look at the half-eaten pile of stuff in my driveway I wonder if it was worth three days of hard physical work and not much sleep. As is par for this course, some things which we thought most certainly would fly out of here have not yet sold. On the other hand, people took off with other things (such as the bare-assed gnome squatting in the grass) which made us look at one another with the “Say what?” face.

It does feel good to have cleared out the corners and to have let go of the experiences left like a thin film on some of the items. Plus, money was made through this cleansing process in addition to having saved $20-30 by not being “out there” buying even more stuff at the numerous sales that were being hosted today.

We heard tales of a neighborhood pow-wow, 8 sales clustered together a few streets over. It could be true, who knows; anything beyond the scope of my driveway was beyond my attention span today.

The day was rich and varied. Today I learned that the people who lived in this house, my house, during the 60’s and 70’s, “The Baldwins,” were very popular. During this morning’s comings and goings I heard stories about how the adolescent boys used to play night-time tag in the adjoining back yards; how a woman was friends with one of “the girls” and they all “grew up together in this house.” How, back in the day, this was the happenin’ neighborhood as far as the high school crowd was concerned.

It’s an odd but lovely experience to have perfect strangers gaze wistfully at your home, half-smiling, their eyes full of memories.

It has been a beautiful late-summer day to hang out in the side yard. A spectacled 8-year old girl, here with her parents, proclaimed, “This is a pretty nice place you got for yourself here.” I would have taken her picture but didn’t want to make her feel self-conscious.

Now comes the final chore of hosting a yard sale — sorting in reverse:

what goes to the Goodwill eventually to be resold, what goes to the Preble


Street Shelter where they need clothing, bedding, and personal maintenance sorts of things, and what SMALL PERCENTAGE of things make their way back into the recesses of the house. Reabsorption is never the goal for the yard sale host.

I’m going to need another hour of just being here and wandering around in circles before any of that is gonna happen.

6:30 PM Saturday

Most everything has now been put in its place: the car is loaded with boxes for both the Goodwill and Preble Street. I’ve collected the signs that, miraculously, 10 hours later, are still staked in place around the neighborhood. I’ve had my first substantial meal all day, plus two beers — I was SO thirsty! — so I’m a little fuzzy-brained. The final remains are being hauled into the basement, my tired, aching body is about to lauch a  coup, and I hear footsteps at the door.

Ding -Dong. Opening the door I see  a friendly-faced 70-ish year-old man on the porch with a red T-shirt stating, “I’m a Good Catch.” He’s wondering if he can take some of the things in the FREE pile at the end of the driveway.

These are things that didn’t make it into the Goodwill or the Preble Street boxes, items for which I have no longer have any use or on whose behalf I cannot justify the reabsorption process. Among these freebies is a box of three  hub caps which fit my old Saturn but which are the wrong size for the new Versa.

“My daughter had two of her hub caps stolen off her car last night and these will do the trick!” he explains, bright-eyed.

I’m just tired and buzzed enough to say, “Give me five!” This is the same thing I say to my 2 year-old granddaughter when she does something great.

He does, and leaves the porch smiling, tossing back that “if those green patio chairs are still here in the morning I’ll be by to picking those up too!”

All this makes me very happy. I’m still exhausted, but a purpose for my exhaustion has been revealed.

0 AM Sunday Morning

Hosting a yard sale is like having a baby: Something has left you in a physically strenuous manner, immediately after doing it you determine that “I’m never doing THAT again” and for days after the fact your body feels like it’s been run over by a truck.

I’m glad I did it, I’m glad it’s over, and I’m quite sure this experience will remind me to practice safe yard saleing in the future, being careful about what I allow into my Versa from now on.

And PS — the green patio chairs are gone.

Yard Sale Documentation Project Week of 8-25-12

Tuesday/4 Days Out

The race is on.

Placed flyers in the mailboxes of the neighbors, alerting them to the fact that there will a lot of people around on Saturday morning, in case they wanted to put some items out for sale. (If there was something like this happening around me on a Saturday I’d sure want a little advance notice.)

Needing to think about what size and color signage to post around the hood (you know how I feel about an effective yard sale sign!), where I can get enough tables on which to place my goods, and what sort of gizmo I can rig up on which to hang clothes, a gizmo that will efficiently display the lovelies in question without toppling and thereby smothering prospective buyers.

Too tired tonight to pull more stuff from the nooks, closets, and cupboards, but at this moment am sorely tempted to put most of what I own out on the street and see what happens.

Wednesday/3 Days Out

Wore many hats today: Radio Show host, babysitter, groundskeeper. No room for much else on this day beyond pricing a few items here and there.

Thursday/2 Days Out

In a moment of poor planning, I scheduled the annual “Pot Luck and Tarot Goods Swap” for tonight — like I didn’t have enough to do this week. At 11:00 last night I found myself in the kitchen marinating a turkey breast.

While in the shower this morning the thought dawned that I NEED to get to City Hall today and get a permit for the sale. The City of South Portland will send one of its representatives by for a friendly visit if you don’t have said permit visibly posted. That is a hassle you don’t need amidst the flurry of your opening hours.

There’s a lot to do today and none of it has to do with yard saleing: a 10:30 meeting, a Tarot reading session mid-afternoon, and the Tarot Soiree tonight.

Oh dear.

CLIC Tarot Radio: Free On-Air Readings

This week on the CLIC Tarot radio show, we’ll continue the practice of opening the show with the Card of the Week, drawing a new card for the next 7-day cycle.

After a brief overview of possible meanings and interpretations for this card, we’ll lauch into listener questions, on-air readings, and whatever other sorts of Tarot Talk the conversation prompts!

As always, the archive for Wednesday’s show can be found at the TarotWorks site, but that doesn’t get you a free reading, does it? Calling in to the show DOES!

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Hope you’ll be tuning in at 3pm EST this Wednesday~~


BTW: CLIC stands for Clarity, Insight, and Confidence, which is what you get from a Tarot reading!

Yard Sale Documentation Project 8-20-12

Monday: Five Days Out
OK, the executive decision has been made to have a sale this coming Saturday. Since Kate starts a new teaching job in two weeks and doesn’t have the mental or physical energy to clear out the corners of her house, I’ll be the lone ranger on this one. The advanced weather report looks good, and while I’d much rather have a few partners in crime, I’m focused and ready to go.

With no clients on the books today and an open schedule, what started as a bit of house-puttering exploded into a   full-blown tear through the basement.

Items which I’d clung to retain a year ago are now easily jettisoned. I’d worried that without Kate’s cast-offs to add to the pile, mine might look like a runner-up for the “Worst Excuse for a Yard Sale” award; I needn’t have fretted.

My only problem at the moment is the sinus headache that’s been triggered by whatever has been growing in the basement during this hot and rainy summer.

The house is oozing unwanted items. Like when the aesthetician pulls the cleansing masque away from your face and you see what kind of gunk has been hiding in your pores … “Where did that come from? How long has that been there? Oh good lord I’m disgusting.”

This is what’s going on in the 1140 sq.ft. of my house.

Yard Sale Documentation Project 8-18-12

http://www.tarotworks.comAnother outing has been challenged by the weather!

Rain was coming down pretty good at 7:15am — no problem rolling back into bed. Same story at 8:15, but thanks to I could see it was all going to clear out in about an hour. It was nearly 10am — almost the wrap-up hour by usual standards — by the time I hit the road.

Between the early morning rain and the crazies who did go saleing in the pouring rain, the pickins were slim despite the fact that skies were clearing and there were quite a few sales still going on.

However, something noteworthy did occur, something that was bound to happen sooner or later.

Essentially, although I had the list of sales posted in the newspaper, I was undirected in my search today, just traveling to and fro following the signs. You can do this by mid-season: bypassing Friday night’s homework of mapping out a route based on the advertised sales, and just bumble along the streets of your town whilst keeping an eye out for any bright piece of cardboard alongside the road that might point you to the item that will secure your financial future, moving your bumper car around the road in ways that are jerky in more ways than one. (This is a carnival attraction, right?)

It was in the following of a sign that the inevitable happened. Quick turn to the left– and just as quickly on the right there were balloons on a front stoop, lots of cars parked in front, an open door, and people coming in and out of the house with things in hand.

Oooh, a moving sale, cool! Love it when they let you wander through the house looking at things in situ. Hurriedly I park the car, walk up the stoop to the open door, excitedly peering inside to see what treasures might be lurking within. Two steps into the house … yeah, it’s a kid’s birthday party.

One must be an intrepid warrior while on the yard saler path.

AND, one must know when it’s time to clear out one’s own house. Next week, weather permitting, Kate and I are hosting a sale of our own. You can’t keep bringing all this stuff into your home without needing a release on the other end of the pipeline.

So stay tuned for a blow-by-blow account of the back side of the Yard Sale Documentation Project. Some happy shoppers will be going home with treasures of their own that day, and the cycle of life in yard sale world continues.

Jeanne’s Version of Creating a Tarot Deck

Here’s one of my work’s most FAQ: When are you going to create your own Tarot deck?

Here is my most frequent answer: Only after receiving a severe blow to the head.

I know people who have created their own Tarot decks. It takes years out of a person’s life, and I don’t even want to think about the massive amount of both inner and outer work required to create a “new-and-improved” version of Tarot that is worth the paper it’s printed on.

No thanks, I’ve got yard sales to attend.

And then along comes Pinterest, yet one more way for us to share with others the full fabric of our being; as if Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, WordPress, Flickr, Foursquare, and the omnipresent Google have somehow been unable to get the job done.

BUT, Pinterest is a place where I can create the deck of my dreams! And it’s simple: use cards from decks that are ALREADY CREATED! Someone else has poured out their blood, sweat, and tears, and now I get to pick the bones.

Here’s a project I can embrace. Oh yes, I can compile, of that I am capable.

My deck is not a fait accompli, more a work in progress. And I must say, the whole thing is very satisfying! If you’re at all interested in the Tarot and the many ways that different cards are interpreted by different scholars/designers/artists/creators, not only do you need to take a look at my board, why not start one of your own?

Once the 78-pieces are all in place on my Pinterest board, I may have to go out and buy the various decks required to build the composite deck. Until then, being on the lookout for the next “Best Tarot Card of Its Kind” is almost as a satisfying as the Saturday morning yard sale hunt.

PS– In case you’re wondering about that colorful image at the top of this page, that’s the TarotWorks gift-wrapping paper I designed along with a friend in 2004. It’s great stuff– well made and beautiful. Not quite an example of a “severe blow to the head” moment, but close! Visit the TarotWorks site to see more about the gift wrap and other cool handmade Tarot goods.

The colorful image on the right is the Aliester Crowley Thoth Tarot’s version of the Two of Discs… best of its kind, in my opinion.

Starting Wednesday on CLIC Tarot: Card of the Week

Starting this Wednesday, August 15th, there will be a NEW and regular feature on the CLIC Tarot radio show:

The All-knowing, All-wonderful, All-informative  CARD OF THE WEEK.

I’ll draw this card at random at the beginning of the show. We never know what we’re going to get until we get it!

I’ll provide some possible meanings and interpretations for the card, and we’ll observe how the message of the card shows up for us during the next 7 days.

OF COURSE  there are many ways by which the archetype of any single Tarot image speaks to us!
OF COURSE  you will have your own thoughts about what the card means in your life!
OF COURSE  the sharing of your feedback and personal experiences is encouraged!

PEOPLE:: CLIC Tarot radio is an opportunity to get a FREE reading. What are you waiting for?

LISTEN IN: click on at 3pm EST each and every Wednesday
CALL IN: via Skpe to w4wnradio or by telephone to 561-422-4365

OF COURSE  the show is archived a few days later on the TarotWorks site  but that doesn’t get you a free reading … just sayin’.

Yard Sale Documentation Project 8-11-12

Today is National Yard Sale Day!

But that didn’t do us much good today here in Southern Maine. A combination of a rainy forecast and the summer doldrums put Kate and I on an extended 30-mile loop around the ‘hood in a vain attempt to find something worth getting out of the car for.

It was an exercise in futility, but we had a surprisingly good-natured time given the fact that we’d gotten out of bed for nothing. “I put on deodorant for this?” Kate bemoaned as we pulled up in front of another paltry display of goods.

I was seriously wondering what I was going to put in this column. After relaxing into a three-hour nap on the couch (obviously not too stressed about content), I bumbled upstairs to check the email and was pleased and gratified to see this note:

Hi Jeanne-

Thank you so much for contributing to our blog article on Garage Sale
Memories! We published the article earlier this morning, you can view it

Feel free to use the social share links at the bottom to share this with your friends and family networks!

Have a great weekend!


So there you have it! The Universe provides in one way or another.

I can only hope that this rainy weekend is giving folks a chance to clean out those closets and basements for yard sales yet to be born.

CLIC Tarot Program Note for 8-8-12

This week’s guest on the CLIC Tarot radio show will be Toni Gilbert, holistic nurse, transpersonal psychology counselor, and author of “Gaining Archetypal Vision.”


Toni has tons of experience working with wellness counseling, guided imagery, art, psychology,  body/mind consciousness, Tarot, archetypes, healing, and personal potential.

WOW! Who knows where this conversation will lead!

Tune in this coming Wednesday for what promises to be a fascinating show.

Click on to listen in!

To Call into the show with questions, comments, or for on-air readings:

Skype in to w4wnradio or
telephone 561-422-4365

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