Starting Wednesday on CLIC Tarot: Card of the Week

Starting this Wednesday, August 15th, there will be a NEW and regular feature on the CLIC Tarot radio show:

The All-knowing, All-wonderful, All-informative  CARD OF THE WEEK.

I’ll draw this card at random at the beginning of the show. We never know what we’re going to get until we get it!

I’ll provide some possible meanings and interpretations for the card, and we’ll observe how the message of the card shows up for us during the next 7 days.

OF COURSE  there are many ways by which the archetype of any single Tarot image speaks to us!
OF COURSE  you will have your own thoughts about what the card means in your life!
OF COURSE  the sharing of your feedback and personal experiences is encouraged!

PEOPLE:: CLIC Tarot radio is an opportunity to get a FREE reading. What are you waiting for?

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OF COURSE  the show is archived a few days later on the TarotWorks site  but that doesn’t get you a free reading … just sayin’.


CLIC Tarot Program Note for 8-8-12

This week’s guest on the CLIC Tarot radio show will be Toni Gilbert, holistic nurse, transpersonal psychology counselor, and author of “Gaining Archetypal Vision.”


Toni has tons of experience working with wellness counseling, guided imagery, art, psychology,  body/mind consciousness, Tarot, archetypes, healing, and personal potential.

WOW! Who knows where this conversation will lead!

Tune in this coming Wednesday for what promises to be a fascinating show.

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Call CLIC : Get a Tarot Class

This week on Clic Tarot radio our guest will be … me! This week’s show gives me a chance to talk a little about my book “Tarot Spreads and Layouts/A User’s Guide.” I’ll be using the simple yet effective methods described in the book to address the questions that come in from listeners.

SO, we’ll need listeners to call in to the show! To provide incentive here, I’m offering a free video Tarot class to all those who bring their questions on-air during the show on Wednesday.

1. Call in to the show.
2. Get your reading.
3. Choose from any of the videos
offered on the TarotWorks site!
See your options at:

Easy, fun, and a good deal. Here’s the scoop on CLIC Tarot radio–

To Listen to the Show

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Program Note: Clic Tarot this Wednesday

 Yes, Clic Tarot is this Wednesday at 3pm EST.

Yes, click here for Clic Tarot this Wednesday at 3pm EST.

Yes, be in the Tarot clique and listen to Clic Tarot this Wednesday at 3pm EST.

All the above statements are true, but the bottom line is that Clic Tarot stands for Clarity, Insight, and Confidence, which is what a good Tarot can bring into your life.

If that weren’t enough, my guest this week will be Rick Bouchard, a licensed clinical social worker who integrates the Tarot into his work with clients.  In private practice in Portland Maine and also is a Diploma Candidate in Stage Two of the Jungian Analyst Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston, Massachusetts, Rick is currently working on his thesis The Use of Tarot in Jungian Analysis and is developing a technique by which to amplify dreams in session through use of the Tarot.

Whew! That’s a lot to talk about, but we want to hear from you about what matters most in YOUR life, so let us hear from you too!

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What a World!

If you live long enough, you’ll find that all sorts of weird and interesting things can happen.

It’s not that I’m ancient (nearing 59 but really still 14), it’s just that sometimes things happen and I think, “In what kind of universe does such a thing happen?” Take for example, Richard Simmons in his shiny red and white striped gym shorts. Or chocolate covered bacon. Or doggie Halloween costumes. Or the fact that next Wednesday I launch my own radio show.

Honestly, I’m not even sure how I got to this place of reading Tarot as a chosen profession. I mean really, who does such a thing? It’s been over 20 years and yet, when making opening remarks at a lecture or event, the words sound in my head like a confession at a 12-step meeting: “Hello, my name is Jeanne and I’m a professional Tarot reader.”

What a world. I’m not complaining, just observing; and musing on how/why it is that I’ll be broadcasting my words, thoughts, and impressions on the world wide web for the next several months…through October at least.

It is a great comfort to know that it won’t be my voice, but the voices of others that will really make the show. We’ll be doing an hour-long show with live on-air readings …  talk about “being in the moment!”

To be a fly on the wall in the presence of someone else’s reading is really a wonderful opportunity to learn a bit about the Tarot system, to understand the  complexities of the Tarot reading process, to witness the challenges which other people face, and perhaps gain some insight for yourself. It is this combination of experiences that the radio show will bring to listeners.

As with all programming, this show exists for the listeners — and in this case, the callers. So as an incentive to tune in to the first show (Wednesday July 11th at 3pm EST), I’m offering a FREE (and private) half-hour phone reading to whomever is the first caller on July 11th’s broadcast.

Here are the particulars — I do hope you’ll tune in. The whole thing promises to be interesting, informative, and FUN!

CLIC TAROT with JEANNE FIORINI   (All you do is click the link and you’re there!)

Wednesday afternoons  3:00 pm EST beginning July 11th

To Be On-Air with your question for Jeanne and the Tarot:
telephone 561-422-4365 or Skype to w4wnradio

BTW, CLIC stands for Clarity, Insight, and Confidence — three things Tarot can bring into your life!

BIG NEWS: Jeanne’s Tarot Radio Show Coming in July

Woo- Hoo! 

Starting on Wednesday July 11th at 3pm EST, I’ll be hosting my own radio show on the Women 4 Women Network, live on internet radio.

The show is called “Clic Tarot,” Clic being an acronym for Clarity, Insight and Confidence. And despite the name of the network, the show welcomes listeners of all genders.

I’ll be doing live readings for call-in listeners, we’ll be learning about the Tarot and how this system of symbols tells its story, we’ll be talking about life and love and work and metaphysics and having an all-around good time on Wednesday afternoons!

Here’s what the radio ad will tell you about Clic Tarot:
Are there places in your life that could some clarity? Are you uncertain about the direction your life seems to be headed? Are your relationships truly meeting your emotional needs? Could you use some insight into an important matter in your life?

Tune in to Clic Tarot with Jeanne Fiorini every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00pm EST, when Jeanne and the Tarot will offer clarity, insight, and confidence about what matters most in YOUR life.

My lovely and talented friend Deirdre worked with my lovely and talented friend Larry to put together an inspired piece of harp music for the background music for the show, the perfect accompaniment for what I hope to accomplish with this project: a sense of clarity, insight, and confidence for individuals and a greater understanding and appreciation for the Tarot.

Mark your calendars for July 11th at 3pm EST, put a star on Wednesday afternoons, and tune in to the perfect way to bring fun and enlightenment into your week.

Woo- Hoo!

Program Note

 I’ll be live on internet radio later today:
Bright Star Cafe on New Sky Radio powered by CBS

4PM EST Friday March 9th


Link to the show page on the web:

Program Note

Program Note: I’ll be on Project Freedom Radio today 4:15 EST with Tarot talk and live readings:

Check it out!

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