CLIC Tarot Radio: Free On-Air Readings

This week on the CLIC Tarot radio show, we’ll continue the practice of opening the show with the Card of the Week, drawing a new card for the next 7-day cycle.

After a brief overview of possible meanings and interpretations for this card, we’ll lauch into listener questions, on-air readings, and whatever other sorts of Tarot Talk the conversation prompts!

As always, the archive for Wednesday’s show can be found at the TarotWorks site, but that doesn’t get you a free reading, does it? Calling in to the show DOES!

Listen in at at 3pm EST each and every Wednesday

Call in to CLIC Tarot radio show via Skype to w4wnradio
or by phone:  561-422-4365

Hope you’ll be tuning in at 3pm EST this Wednesday~~


BTW: CLIC stands for Clarity, Insight, and Confidence, which is what you get from a Tarot reading!


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