Yard Sale Documentation Project 8-11-12

Today is National Yard Sale Day!

But that didn’t do us much good today here in Southern Maine. A combination of a rainy forecast and the summer doldrums put Kate and I on an extended 30-mile loop around the ‘hood in a vain attempt to find something worth getting out of the car for.

It was an exercise in futility, but we had a surprisingly good-natured time given the fact that we’d gotten out of bed for nothing. “I put on deodorant for this?” Kate bemoaned as we pulled up in front of another paltry display of goods.

I was seriously wondering what I was going to put in this column. After relaxing into a three-hour nap on the couch (obviously not too stressed about content), I bumbled upstairs to check the email and was pleased and gratified to see this note:

Hi Jeanne-

Thank you so much for contributing to our blog article on Garage Sale
Memories! We published the article earlier this morning, you can view it


Feel free to use the social share links at the bottom to share this with your friends and family networks!

Have a great weekend!


So there you have it! The Universe provides in one way or another.

I can only hope that this rainy weekend is giving folks a chance to clean out those closets and basements for yard sales yet to be born.


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  1. August 11, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    oh that’s perfect!

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