Starting Wednesday on CLIC Tarot: Card of the Week

Starting this Wednesday, August 15th, there will be a NEW and regular feature on the CLIC Tarot radio show:

The All-knowing, All-wonderful, All-informative  CARD OF THE WEEK.

I’ll draw this card at random at the beginning of the show. We never know what we’re going to get until we get it!

I’ll provide some possible meanings and interpretations for the card, and we’ll observe how the message of the card shows up for us during the next 7 days.

OF COURSE  there are many ways by which the archetype of any single Tarot image speaks to us!
OF COURSE  you will have your own thoughts about what the card means in your life!
OF COURSE  the sharing of your feedback and personal experiences is encouraged!

PEOPLE:: CLIC Tarot radio is an opportunity to get a FREE reading. What are you waiting for?

LISTEN IN: click on at 3pm EST each and every Wednesday
CALL IN: via Skpe to w4wnradio or by telephone to 561-422-4365

OF COURSE  the show is archived a few days later on the TarotWorks site  but that doesn’t get you a free reading … just sayin’.


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