Show Me A Sign

There aren’t many things that will keep me from the Saturday morning event, but a stomach bug is one of them. I gave it a valiant effort, but it didn’t work out too well.

However, this gives me a chance to review some of the qualifiers for Best Signage of the Season. (For this and other award categories you can refer to the April 21st post.)

Good signage is so important to a successful yard sale! There’s a folksy saying in Maine that declares “You can’t get there from here,” and this certainly is true for a yard sale with poor directions.

Like this one on the right from an early sale day in May: there were no other hints of a sale … anywhere. This is no help at all to the people who want to spend money on your junk.

This business to the left is what’s required to attract those salers who are at that very moment annoying non-saleing drivers with their inattention to the matter of keeping the car on the correct side of the road and other proper driving habits : colors, arrows, multiple signs to account for various approach directions; balloons are always a good idea.

This next person took a no-nonsense approach, but it seemed to work.  Clearly this man in his pajamas couldn’t bother to get dressed before attending this well-advertised sale. People can get very creative about drawing folks into their personal web of trash and treasure. One sale drew us in with mind control:

This guy — I’m SURE it was a guy– went for the big guns, flashing lights and all…… as did this guy. I will point out that the size of the sign in no way reflected the value of the goods found there. You can draw your own conclusions about that comment.

I like this simple sign below: it’s got an arrow to tell you where to drive, it’s displayed at eye level, and offers no pretense or delusion about where you’re headed. I’d rather see this than “Best Sale Ever” only to find a sorry mess like we did at what is still the prime contender for  this year’s “Worst Excuse for a Yard Sale.”


We’ll close with this sign, which doesn’t have anything to do with yard sale-ing but has a perfection all its own. See you next week when we resume our usual shenanigans.



  1. July 22, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    oh no! I heard there’s a tummy bug going around…yuk…hope you’re tip top now my buddy….

  2. August 23, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    […] think about what size and color signage to post around the hood (you know how I feel about an effective yard sale sign!), where I can get enough tables on which to place my goods, and what sort of gizmo I can rig up on […]

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