“Tarot Essentials” Beginner’s Class Now Available

You knew it had to happen eventually. First she’s blogging, then she’s Tweeting, every time you turn around she’s got another article for you to read. What’s next, you ask?

Recorded Tarot classes.  Yup.  Available now on the Products page of the (newly designed) TarotWorks website. Easy, bite-size bits of Tarot wisdom ready for the pickin’.

Within a few months I’ll have all the sessions recorded and you’ll have everything you need in order to build an effective working relationship with your cards without ever leaving the house…. or even without getting out of your jammies if that’s your preference.

As of today, the Tarot Essentials is the first class posted and ready to go; the Personality Cards class should be up in about a week. By the summer solstice they’ll all be there at your disposal, ready whenever you are.

Whether you’re new to the Tarot or just in need of a brush-up on your basics, the Tarot Essentials class is a great place to start.

Check it out, pass it on, and Happy Tarot-ing!

Fool card from the Keen Tarot


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