Jeanne Fiorini is a seeker of clarity and understanding. It turns out that Tarot is a great tool for this challenge, and this blog is an effort to promote the effectiveness and the everyday relevance of that tool.

In addition to being a warrior for the insight and wisdom that can be found in the Tarot (particulars on that can be found below) Jeanne is a proud mother, a happy Grammie, an avid gardener, a fierce yard-saler, and a late sleeper. She also loves the New England Patriots, even when they drop balls and lose Super Bowls.

Thanks for tuning in to my blog– I always welcome comments and suggestions for its content.


  • Porfessional reader/teacher with 22 years of experience with the symbols of the Tarot
  • Author of two books, most recently “Tarot Spreads and Layouts/A User’s Manual” published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
  • Creator of a series of video series of Tarot Tips for YouTubeTarotQueen100 channel
  • Contributing writer for the American Tarot Association’s newsletter Reflections http://www.ata-tarot/reflections
  • Visit the TarotWorks site for all the latest info about what is happening with Jeanne and the Tarot:: http://www.tarotworks.com


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