A Libran Mantra

Last week was my 59th birthday.

Birthdays for me have always been a mixed bag of appreciation, wistfulness, and dread. This year was made worse by the fact of Saturn just finishing up its 2.5 year sit-in on my astrology chart, and Pluto and Uranus (those trouble-makers!) have been in there duking it out as well.

It’s been an intense period of questioning and self-reflection.

I’m pretty big on self-reflection and working things out on the inner level, but this last immersion has been much more than can be healthy for any sane human being. Here in early October, though,  things seem to be breaking and I do believe I see some slanting beams of sunshine emerging from the clouds off in the distance.

Sometime during this hiatus into Murkyville, words came to me that encapsulated my experience; not just the experience of the past few months, but of my whole life. I share them with you in hopes that something in there resonates for you and/or helps you at this time in your life.

I have to find the balance between being generous with you and being kind to myself.

Is that a Libran statement or what? I didn’t think it intentionally, it just appeared in my mind’s eye like a floating airplane banner coming into focus.

Work life, relationships, lovers, community, family, there is no area of my life to which this mantra does not apply. If I think about experiences in the past that have failed me, it’s because I didn’t do this balancing act at all well. And when things worked, it was because it all was somehow managed effectively.

This is my personal key to a happy life, I have no doubt about it.

It IS important for me to be generous with others, whether it’s regarding my time, energy, money, compassion, or the last beer in the fridge. But you know as well as I do that, especially for women, this generosity can bite us in the butt and leave us feeling drained and bitter.

Drained and bitter … UGH. Who really wants to live there? That’s worse than staking your tent in Murkyville.

So the dust is settling and I’ve now got words to guide my actions and choices through whatever lies ahead.  They are my new best friends. I invite you to use them in whatever way works for you.

I have to find the balance between being generous with you and being kind to myself.


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