One Or Ten: Either Way It’s All Good

When you’re reading Tarot for other people, you never know when a single card or a most innocent comment will make a huge difference in another person’s life.

My Monday morning Facebook page was graced by a mention of gratitude by someone for whom I had recently done a casual one-card reading. It was an example of just the right message, just the right words that found a home in this person’s heart.

One card, a simple message, a resonant chord, and this woman has already taken off, making big changes in her life.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the 10-card Celtic Cross spread. If the beauty of a single-card draw is its simplicity, the terrible beauty of the Celtic layout is its unending pattern of interwoven connections. You could literally spend all day on a single Celtic spread and still not fathom all the information contained therein.

Much of this past weekend was spent working on a 6-part video course for Udemy demonstrating the ins and outs of this complicated layout. The Celtic Cross isn’t an all-occasion kind of spread, but one to be used when the time and the energy to unravel its mysteries are at one’s disposal. This layout represents traditional Tarot at its finest and as such is venerated, held as a standard by which “real” Tarot readers are judged.

But the bottom line is this: by whichever method you seek out your guidance from the Tarot, it’s all good. Resonance doesn’t lie; when you hear the truth you know it; when you are ready to be touched by a word you will hear it.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. And, Tarot works.

It’s that simple.

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