Remember “Tales From The Dark Side?”

In an interesting synchronicity, the new “Tales From The Tarot Table” feature on this blog crystalized on the same weekend that a friend sent me the link to a 1980’s episode of Tales From The Dark Side.

I do have a vague memory of such a series, a psychological mystery drama a la Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, only a bit more campy. OF COURSE such a series is going to have at least one episode witnessing the enigmatic and exotic persona of the Tarot. “Come into my pahlor, dahlink ….”

First off, the show has some great one-liners for Tarot folk. My favorite is when the main character ( young blond woman, attractive in an 80’s sort of way) is bustling around prior to reading for a drop-in client — apparently they did this a lot back then, drop in on Tarot readers at their homes– and mutters something like, “What a way to make a living!”

I feel ya’, sister.

The title of this episode is, “In The Cards.” Is that the best they could do? It appears that TV writers in the 80’s were grossly overpaid.

It also appears that all readers in the 80’s used the Rider-Waite deck. This might seem strange to us 30 years later, but the truth is that prior to 1988 there wasn’t much else to choose from. Good thing, because they’re swapping decks all over the place here.

Oh, this thing is filled with stereotypes, for sure, but I would have been disappointed if there hadn’t been at least one turbaned old woman. And pay special attention to the background music and sound effects, they are amusing and eventually, do make a point. (No pun intended here, hee hee … you’ll see.)

All this being said, if you give the episode the full 22 minutes, you’ll see that there are some significant Tarot truths hidden in the seams between the hideous set decoration and the overacting in this cornball drama.

Take what you will from it, at the very least it’s an amusing look at one more way American culture has perceived the Tarot.

Be sure to visit a place where videos are neither cornball nor overacted: the TarotWorks website where the Streaming Video Classes page has been Updated and Repriced!


1 Comment

  1. Josephine Mori said,

    September 4, 2012 at 3:23 PM

    Especially enjoyed the protagonist reading for the gentleman client in her slinky white slip. I would have charged extra.

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