Yard Sale Documentation Project 7-14-12

It was a sticky, muggy, summer day in yard sale-land today, and boy was I glad! More about that in a minute.

We were out and about at the requisite time for the height of the season, 8am. Though only mostly awake, it was when my eyes fell on the assemblage seen at the right that I snapped to and dashed to the car for my camera. This is image is, I’m sure, what comes into the minds of those people who don’t yard sale when they try to imagine the event.

I am totally kicking myself for not buying that lamp. Must be that I was distracted by similar collections of ephemera in random piles all ’round and rational senses escaped me for a moment. I did however pick up a classic piece of Haeger pottery at this sale … now that I think of it, it too is white ceramic …

At the next sale Kate picked up a handsome 24″ X 36″ oblong one-shelf bookcase, which did manage to fit itself into the Versa with little effort. The “Florence” coffee table book seen below, the partial role of burlap, and the skinny rake also came from this sale. And I must say, the home owner at this particular sale seemed like a really good bargain in and of himself. Now that I think of it, he too was handsome…

We did run into quite a bit of price delusion today, and nothing makes Kate drop an item faster than someone coming up to her with, “That necklace is $10, I got it when I was in Portugal and it’s really special.”


Fortunately this same woman was not so attached to her 30-gallon trash bin full of straw. I’d been wanting to put down some straw in the garden to help hold down the weeds, but hadn’t taken the time (or wanted to muss up my pretty new Versa trunk) … but here it was, all ready to go and neatly packaged!

Two dollars put it in the trunk, but just barely. My new car is great but it does have its limits.

What a conglomeration of stuff we accumulated today! Kate had her bench, a new Exacto knife with a few packets of blades for her hubby, and a snow jacket and a shirt for Ms. V.

I drove home with:

Haeger Pottery vase: $1
Coffee table book: 50 cents
Burlap:  50 cents
Skinny Rake: $1
Bucket of straw, both useful! $2
We also stopped at a farm stand: $1 for a cuke and a red onion

Total expenditure: $6.

But, it could have been much more expensive of a day.

The unloading of the car at Kate’s house meant rearranging things in the trunk and back seat. At this point in the excursion my stuff is all over the place … purchases, wallet, camera, sunglasses, keys … where any one piece of equipment may be is anybody’s guess.

As is the usual form, I hit a few sales on the way back home from Kate’s, wending my way back through South Portland to my house at the other end of town. Tired and overheated by now, I was shocked and SO GRATEFUL, upon getting out of the car in my own driveway, to see my camera perched on the back haunches of the Versa.

It must have landed there during the recollecting of things at Kate’s, and due to the fact that it was in its pletherette case and that by now it was about 90 degrees out, the thing had clung mercifully to the top of the car for the past 45 minutes. If it had fallen off in the process, it would have forever remained a mystery to me about where it went and how it had become lost.

I wish I could say that’s the end of the story.

I phoned Kate to tell her this little anecdote — it’s the sort of thing she’d find amusing– and so took the cordless phone outside with me as we had our conversation. About two hours later, while drawing the drapes on that side of the house in order to keep out the hot sun, I noticed the phone sitting on top of the car.

Pretty soon I’m going to need tracking devices on all my possessions.



  1. July 15, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    When I first saw that lamp, I was going to tell you that I was going to fight you for it! Sorry that you left that one behind! But you clearly had a good pull, the straw is crazy. No one else I know would want straw and then find it at a yard sale…amazing. As for the camera and phone on the car,,..yeah,,,been there….wait a few years, I’m sure there will be tracking devices in most everything by then….thanks for sharing the fun.

  2. July 15, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Oh I went back for that lamp, you know I did! It was there, waiting for me I guess, and it’s here at the house. I’ll wrestle you for it when I see you next JB!

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