Tuesday’s Tiny Tarot Class 6-5-12: What if There is No Answer?

It could be an effect of the recent eclipses; or maybe the fact that much of the eastern half of the US has been getting pelted by rain for the last 4 days and we’re all feeling a bit soggy mentally as well as physically; or maybe it’s simply a factor within the particular people who are coming to my Tarot table.

Whatever the origin, there seems to be a significant “What the heck is going on right now” vibe in the air. Interestingly, the folks I”m seeing don’t seem to be especially bothered by this experience, but they are aware that things are shifting and are feeling unsettled by it.

With this in mind, and because my mind is a little soggy right now as well, I’ll share a paraphrased excerpt from my “Tarot Spreads and Layouts” book to address this situation in hopes of bringing some perspective to all of us who might be wondering, “What the heck is going on right now?”

“Important: Sometimes there is no answer.
How can this be, that there is no answer? It could be that the timing or the query is off, or an issue is not yet resolved on any level, and hence no information regarding it can be imparted.

When we hit a dead zone in a reading, the phrase “It is not yet written” often comes to mind. (In other words, it’s still in the works, somewhere out there in the universe.)

Lastly, we must remember that some questions are best left unanswered.

This is a hard thing for modern, thinking people to comprehend: that not all things are ours to know. Not all questions have answers, and not all that is knowable is available to us in any given moment. Our rational mind does not like this, but it’s true.

The best we can do is to knock on the door, question in hand, and hope that someone, someday, will open that door and greet us with guidance and clarity.”


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  1. Josephine Mori said,

    June 5, 2012 at 5:59 PM

    Thanks, Jeanne. So well put. I’ve run into this a number of times to the disgruntlement of those involved. It’s a hard nut to crack, and a hard concept for many people to accept.

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