Yard Sale Documentation Project 6-2-12

First rain-out of the season.

Sometimes this is a questionable call, waking up to a heavy sky and the threat of a few drips of rain. Trust me, we’ve been known to be out there on such a day.

Even late in the season when those drips have solidified into snowflakes instead of rain, if there is stuff in people’s yards we’re on it.

But today’s was no idle threat, with the 24-hour rainfall total nearing 2″.  Plus there was the wind.

The seekers will have to hold out until next weekend, finding other ways to spend the morning… no doubt a few closets got cleaned and organized, a long-delayed house project got the attention it deserved, and probably there were a few sleepers-in on this dismal Saturday morning.

Let’s not forget those folks who were hoping to rid themselves of a basement full of unwanted, unused, and outworn stuff, now forced to live amongst their debris until the weather clears.

A day such as this makes everyone concerned all the more willing to participate with renewed gusto next Saturday.


1 Comment

  1. Mike said,

    June 3, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    That means next week will be a banner week–challenging you to get to ALL the sales! Is it sacreligious to have yard sales on Sunday?

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