Yard Sale Documentation Project 5-26-12

This is why I need a hatchback.

You can see that today was a good day — here’s the pile of stuff that was crammed into my new BFF the Versa which, by the way, I’ve decided to name BlueBelle.

In a mediocre year, today’s outing would be a contender for “Best Over-all Day of the Season” (see YSDP 4-21-12 for a review of the categories) but I hope we haven’t peaked quite yet.

Today’s was a four-hour excursion, the treasure du jour being a child-sized wooden table and 3 chairs that Kate picked up for Vera. This is a sentimental purchase, something Kate enjoyed as a child and something she’s wanted to share with her own daughter. The search for a suitable counterpart has been on for quite some time.

We found the set early in the day and hemmed a little about the price and the fact that it needed a new coat of paint and did Kate really have the time to take on another project but it’s really cute and it’s sturdy but they’re selling it on behalf of a neighbor so I’m not sure if they’re flexible on the price and so what do you think?

We left it behind, and 45 minutes later were heading back for it with fingers crossed. Turning the corner we saw it sitting there, waiting for its next owner like a pet at the rescue shelter. By this time the hemming was over and the buyer was happy. Do I really need to say that she paid $10 instead of the asking price of $15?

That’s my girl.


Perhaps I should add a category to the list of “Honorable Mentions” previously listed: Most Amazing Setting for a Yard Sale

In such a category, the location at which I picked up the two oak side tables in the photo would be a tough one to beat. We’re talkin’ waterfront property, and I mean take a step or two off the lawn and you’re on the rocky coast of Maine. Spectacular. The beautifully warm day and the ocean air made the atmosphere almost intoxicating.

Luckily for me these folks were not suffering from pricing delusions, as they certainly could have had their way with my wallet, that sweet ocean air filled with ozone pouring into my lungs and all. The pair of tables was negotiated at $7.


On we go to the four framed seashell prints. I loved them at a sale in this same neighborhood last weekend when they were $2 apiece. I thought about them during the week, actually, pining over them and kicking myself for being cheap and not getting them since I was now envisioning where in my house they would have looked perfect.

I loved them even more today at the same sale a week later when they were $1 apiece.


Some items walk the tightrope between “kitchy and cool” and “downright tacky and perhaps even ugly.” Such is the case of the metal leafy candle-thingee here pictured. But I like it, it looks good in my house, and yes, one day it probably will end up in my yard sale.


To round out the mix, we have two pairs of multicolored (hand-dipped?) candles, a bracket for the window box that will hang on the front of my house by 5:00 this evening, a lovely antique-looking frame, and a tiny address book for my friend Candice so that she can/will send me postcards from all the fabulous places in the world she visits.

Total investment: $17.50

I mean really, is there a better way to spend Saturday morning?



  1. Mike said,

    May 27, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    I could think of several…

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