Relationship Layout:Tarot Tip #37

Sorry, this isn’t a tip about how to have a great relationship. But it is a great tip for how to use your Tarot cards to look at relationship dynamics in a clear and objective manner. (Click here to see the video.)

Relationships are confusing enough without putting enigmatic Tarot images into the mix. This easy layout can be used as a complete reading within itself, or can be used as a springboard for other questions about any  relationship in which you might be involved: the one with your partner, the one with your boss, the one with your mother-in-law… you get the picture.

This video points out an important fact about reading Tarot: You don’t need a lot of cards to get a lot of information.

Life is complicated; reading Tarot doesn’t have to be.

Check out my book Tarot Spreads & Layouts: A User’s Manual for Beginning and Intermediate Readers for lots more simple and effective ways to use your Tarot cards!


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