Tuesday’s Tiny Tarot Class: May Day 2012

I often think of elementary school teachers on May Day, wondering if they know that the sweet tradition of winding colorful banners around the May pole has its roots in a pagan fertility rite … wondering if they recognize that the school yard’s delicate and pretty pole is an impersonation of a procreative phallus.

Guinevere sang it in the 1960’s movie version of Camelot: “It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May … the time for every frivolous whim, proper or ‘im’.” That circular dance around the pole whorls the powers of renewal and fecundity, arouses the creative urge, and stirs up a passionate energizing of the physical world.

The commonly-used modern term for it, “Spring Fever,” pales in comparison.

So here we are on May Day, and the obvious choice for Card of the Day is the Ace of Wands. Others may make the case for the Four of Wands or perhaps the Three of Cups, and it is true that some versions of Tarot illustrate either one of these cards with an image of a Maypole celebration.

But for my money, nothing says “procreative phallus” quite like the Ace of Wands. There you have it.

I hope you’ll find a suitable way to celebrate this day of inspired creativity. Go ahead, be “im.” Grab some gusto. As the song goes, “Everyone makes divine mistakes in the lusty month of May!”


Ace of Wands image upper left from the Golden Rider Tarot (c) US Games Systems Inc.
Ace of Wands image lower right from Tarot of the Sephiroth  (c) US Games Systems Inc.


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