Tuesday’s Tiny Tarot Class Begins Today

Happy Vernal Equinox to you all! We certainly are enjoying the brighter and warmer days here in the State of Maine.

Today and each Tuesday in the foreseeable future, I’ll post a short little Tarot exercise here on the TarotWorks homepage. These tidbits are intended to stretch your Tarot brain and be a fun way to brighten up your week. That’s my part.

Your part is to share your comments and interpretations about whatever is being discussed so that we all benefit from the different perspectives. There will be no right or wrong answers to the posits presented here, and I encourage feedback from anyone who’s interested in playing along.

Part of the “art of reading Tarot” is to learn how to effectively bring your own personality, your history, your individuality, and your unique perceptions to the table. I hope these weekly exercises will expand your ways of looking at the cards so that your most-authentic interpretations can come through.

The first exercise has been posted on the TarotWorks Facebook homepage. Come on over and play!


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