I may be suffering from the onset of electronitis.  “The inflammation of my electrons.” Maybe it’s my chronological age, but my head is spinning from all the ways the computer wants my attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m exceedingly grateful for the fact that the world-wide web of connections allows me to reach out to, speak with, teach Tarot to, and do readings for people all over the world. I would have had to take up a real job long before now if not for the internet, believe it.

However, each day I am confronted with several “new” ways to pay attention electronically: Join our networking site! Investigate this new software program, you’ll wonder what you did without it! Check out this new way to manage your contacts! Watch our new video series!

It’s all TOO BIG and it’s moving too fast. Geez I sound like an old person.

No wonder it seem like time is flying by …. it is. Used to be we measured time by how much the corn grew that day or how many more weeks it would be before the snow came; or how many more days it would take to receive that package that was coming from St. Louis, or to finish hooking that rug. It takes about 90 days for an edible tomato to manifest itself, and that’s given ideal weather conditions. Human babies have the good sense to take a solid 266 days before making an appearance.

All this might sound like someone gnawing at the hands that feed. … like someone who ate too much at a 5-star restaurant complaining about a belly ache, or how super-models whine about people always taking their picture.

I’m not really complaining, but I am getting clear about needing to set some serious boundaries on how fast I’m willing to run in place to keep up with it all.

And then there’s the “kettle calling the pot black” thing. Here I am writing this blog in hopes of readers and comments and followers and subscribers. Guilty. “Read this, please, but be careful about what else you buy into.” Honestly? I would say to be careful what you buy into, period.

Maybe that’s the right and responsibility of people in the computer, social networking, collaborative consumerism world that is emerging at the lightning-fast speed of electrons: Be discerning. Let it inform you but not conform you. Don’t let it take over your life.

Isn’t that what they said about TV in the 50’s?



  1. March 17, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    Jeanne, I totally relate to your feelings. I’m old enough to remember the excitement when my best friend’s family got the first TV in the neighborhood. Watching TV was a privilege granted only after we’d done our homework.

    I’ll never feel entirely comfortable in this new reality of whirling electrons – it’s a generation-gap thing. Sometimes I think I need my mother standing over me saying “Haven’t you spent enough time on Facebook today? Don’t you have deadlines coming up?”

    Thanks for giving some perspective.

  2. Josephine Mori said,

    March 17, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    Ergo, Content Curation.

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