Three Tips For Intuition Development

An email came to my inbox the other day from someone seeking direction as to how best work toward developing their intuition. Initially I didn’t think I had much to say on the subject … I was wrong.

To find one’s way in the amorphous realm of intuition requires a hefty dose of practical advice. Also to be considered is the fact that, in an enigmatic yet “Of course!” kind of way, intangible intuition speaks to us through our tangible physical body.

Therefore, the first suggestion here is to view a particular video from my YouTube “Tarot Tips” series which touches on the basics of this notion. Tarot Tip # 27 is an instructional look at how to tune into — and then learn to trust — the voice of intuition by first recognizing that physical body is the “satellite dish” for intuitive signals. Click here to watch this short video.

I think of this whole matter of intuition development as one big science experiment. Intuition speaks to different people through differing means, and it takes trial and error and a testing of the system to recognize which “method of reception” works best for each individual.

In the spirit of accepting this endeavor as a science project, Intuition Development Step #2 asks you to collect data by starting a journal of your “hits and impressions.” Keeping track of your impressions and then watching the ways things play out in the “real world” forces a person to pay attention to what is real and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, and helps to hone one’s unique way of being “a receiver.”

Thirdly, I would suggest finding a tool to give structure and focus to the nebulous nature of intuition. I use the Tarot in this way, but you may find that muscle testing, a pendulum, the I Ching, or some other mechanism can be a useful bridge into the non-linear side of knowing. Having a tangible instrument in one’s personal toolkit can help confirm (or deny) intuitive hits and guide you more clearly toward what is true.

If you’ve decided to embark on acknowledging, listening to, and being guided by your intuition, you’re on quite an adventure. At the very least, most of us have to untangle a few layers of culturalization and habit in order to successfully allow the intuitive voice to become a dynamic part of our everyday awareness.

Here it is short and sweet: Pay attention. Use your whole body. Be discerning.

And may The Force be with you.


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