The Tech Gods Were Kind

We had our first class in the new session  of online Tarot classes on Monday night. After lo these many years of teaching Tarot, the content for this class is pretty well etched into my brain. However, the live webinar format was giving me a serious case of opening-night jitters.

Although relatively confident about my computer system, the connection to the webinar hosting site and to the various home computers which were about to tap into the presentation gave me a quantum panic: so many variables, so many connections, so many plugs and wires and electrons, so many ways for things to go awry!

But like most other things, you do what you can do something about and then you put your head down and plow forward. That thought, and a little prayer — gods of the implicate order please be with me — calmed by nerves. Begin webinar now, start webcam and microphone, open screen sharing, like a pre-flight pilot in the cockpit. And off we went!

So, for the time being I’m  lovin’ technology. The tech gods were kind on Monday night and I’ll beseech their protection over the next six weeks. If you’d like to be learning the Tarot in your jammies, we’d love to have you join us.

To learn more about the TarotWorks Online Tarot Classroom, visit


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