Clothes Swap Follow-Up

I’ll let the pictures do the talking as a follow-up post regarding “Christmas in February” aka The Annual South Portland Clothes Swap.

    (Left) Here we are at the
beginning of the event,
relative calm and decorum
is the tone so far.

(Below) This is my treasure of the day, a beauty which came early on:
a lime green fleece coat with black
faux lambs wool trim, a Maralyce Ferree original.   I love it!

Our host nabbed TWO pairs
of these fabulous shoes as additions to
her massive haul of fine quality items.

Above right:: Our host in a jacket which must have once been owned by either Hugh Hefner or Keith Richard, we’re not sure which one.  In any case, it certainly does work with her not-so demure nature.

(Right) And here’s the aftermath: the pile of
goods that will find a home in less-fortunate
hands. We are truly blessed to have such

In addition to the Six of Pentacles spirit of the day, I must add the Queen of Pentacles to the roster of attendees. We had silk blouses, leather handbags, cashmere sweaters, designer labels, sparkly jewelry, and beautiful fabrics all ’round. That particular Queen was in her glory today. Thanks to all for a wonderful celebration of friendship and abundance.


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