Tarot Book Receives Accolades

I promise not to make this blog one big advertisement for TarotWorks, but today I received an email that made me proud (how often does that happen?!) so I hope you’ll indulge me.

Firstly, my new book Tarot Spreads and Layouts/A User’s Manual (published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. in 2011) received an unsolicited yet stellar review from Australian Tarot reader Linette Voller. Making this extra-cool is the fact that this is an audio book review and can be heard at any time by clicking on this link : http://www.divinewhispers.net/apps/blog/show/12539498-audio-book-review-by-linette-voller-of-tarot-spreads-and-layouts-by-jeanne-fiorini-#.T0OHdkLVSVk.facebook

Many heartfelt thanks go to Linette for her enthusiastic recommendation of the book!

Additionally, with this posting came the news that TSL has also made it into the Blog Talk Radio/Beyond Worlds’ Tarot Book Hall of Fame. With this endorsement comes the “good Tarot-ing seal of approval” that the book will be worth the hard-earned money you spent for it.

This fact makes the frugal girl inside me feel validated and gratified. We all work hard for our cash and there are tons of Tarot resources out there; I’m very appreciative for the support my small but pithy book has earned.


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  1. Donnaleigh said,

    February 22, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    This is quite an honor. Those reviewing are asked to choose the best books they have found, so yours was clearly found to make a big difference. This came out of the blue; no one asked Linette to review your book. She did it because it made a difference to her. Bravo to you!

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